Uniform Drivers Licenses coming across India with some High Tech Features by July 2019

Uniform Drivers Licenses coming across India with some High Tech Features by July 2019

The Driving license in India will be standardized across all states.  Until now, every state had its own design, format and documentation processes.  No more.

Now, from July 2019 onwards, the driving licenses and registration certificates (RCs) will have a common format across the nation.  This will have a lot of interesting impacts.

Here are some of the things that will be true of the new Driving license and RCs:

Embedded code to identify:  The new DLs and RCs come with not just QR code on it but also NFC technology.  NFC stands for Near-Field Communication and is used by devices to share data and is a more evolved mechanism to radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology.  So the cops can simply scan the QR code to get the details of the person.  The cops can also use a handheld device to get information via the NFC from the DL or RC.  So, in that little card a lot of information can be linked to – all stored on the servers.  This will enable the government to reduce corruption, catch criminals across state lines and if this is linked to Aadhar card, then track those who are illegally in this country.  Tracking fake DLs will also become easier with this.

Medical Win: The new card will mention if the person has agreed to donate his/her organs or not.  That will enable the medical professionals who are attending to someone in a fatal accident to take care of the organs to save another life.  Not just that, it will also mention whether the person is driving a specially equipped vehicle for a handicapped driver.  The medical professionals can handle situation much better in such situations.

From January 2019, all new DLs and re-registrations of the DLs will be using the new form.  By July 2019, all the DLs will be in the new format across India.  It is expected that the expense per DL for every state will be Rs 15-20.

Source: TOI

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