URI Movie Actor Vicky Kaushal Owns a Dumb and Insensitive Journalist on a Stupid Question!

URI Movie Actor Vicky Kaushal Owns a Dumb and Insensitive Journalist on a Stupid Question!

The so-called Seculars – and who are more secular and “liberal” than the journalists? – are out to ding certain movies.  And, push up certain ones.  For example, they loved the trashy over-rated “Veere di Wedding” simply because it had Swara Bhaskar (a certified Secular and Modi-hater) who happened to masturbate.  But if a movie takes any critical look at Pakistan or Muslims even when based on real facts, the chances are the Seculars will do their damnedest to bring it down.  That is the story of the movie “Uri” as well.  It’s trailer, based on actual events, which Congress and many Seculars (upon ISI’s cue) denied happening and when it did not work, then they tried talking about it being anti-human and anti-liberal for some reason.

And, now, to their chagrin, the movie Uri is out.  And, from the trailer it looks really good.  So what do they do?  Ding it.  For any reason.  Election season.  “Selling” Nationalism.  Jingoistic (dude, they are REAL events!) anything and everything that you can think of.

And, then I hit upon this short interview by a Secular journalist of Vicky Kaushal and Yami Gautam – the lead actors in the movie.  He asked one of the most outlandish questions that only the sick mind of a Secular journalist can come up with!

“Speaking of this movie and Uri, don’t you feel conflicted because it was Uri after all which led to banning of the Pakistani actors in Bollywood?”

Excuse me what?!!!  So many Army jawans died – and kids lost fathers, mothers their sons, wives their husbands and what is the most painful memory of Uri for this

ultra-privileged, strange dude with torn denims

?  Banning of Pakistani artists!!  Really?!  Have we become so out of touch with reality?  GIven the completely insensitive nonsense, just for these type of questions there should be a law to put such people on the border at Siachen and give him a tent nearest to the Pakistani post.  We would be spared of such insults to our intelligence.

Hats off to Vicky Kaushal for staying calm and giving him a lesson he will remember.  Vicky said that the very reason why this movie – Uri – happened was because of the banning of the Pakistani artists.  Aditya Dhar, Director of Uri, was making a movie with Fawad Khan which was almost complete.  But because of Uri, Fawad went back and the movie remained incomplete.  Dhar went back to Delhi and was depressed at the loss of his work when he decided to dig deeper into what had happened at Uri and why was it so important.

Aditya’s self introspection and research was finally responsible for the launch and completion of this movie.  And, then Vicky goes on to add that does it feel bad that Pakistani artists cannot come?  Sure.  But even if one jawan has died and his kith and kin have gone through the pain of seeing their man in coffin, then the loss of Pakistani artists from Bollywood is worth it.

And then he says what is the reason why banning of Pakistani artists was so important.  After all, they are powerful influencers in their own nation.  They need to go back and ask questions from their society and their establishment as to why do they do attacks like Uri?  Exactly the impact that needs to happen.  Don’t Indian artists challenge our establishment day in and day out?  Then why are Pakistani artists silent?

Watch this kick-ass interview and see how Vicky Kaushal kicks the behind of this rather disgusting journalist.

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