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Useless Politicians! : Yes, the Emperors in India have No Clothes!


The basis and the rationale for the powers of India’s members of parliament is not that they have been elected to that building, but because they are representative of the the people at large.  It cannot be the privilege of these members to behave and conduct themselves the way they want and yet expect homilies from the citizens.

When Om Puri said that India’s politicians are “Anpad, Nalayak and Ganwar”, he was merely stating facts.  He forgot many more epithets that he should have uttered that day, one could have been “Desh Drohi” (traitors).  Anupam Kher ( “Om Puri apart from being an outstanding actor, is also a TRUE Indian who Echoed thoughts of Millions of Us. I stand by him. Do you?”) and Shekhar Kapur (“I stand by Om Puri who merely echoed publicly what is openly said a million times in millions of homes everyday.”) have stood up for him and backed him up.

Kiran Bedi also went on a tirade against the politicians last week.  What she said may have been against “her grain”, but again, it wasn’t untrue!  The amount of money that has been stolen by these politicians is no joke.

But these goons and dacoits of the national treasury are up in arms against these two now.  A special privilege motion was brought in both the houses – Lower (Lok Sabha) by Samajvadi Party Shailendra Kumar, Congress Jagadambika Pal, PL Punia, Lalchand Kataria, Praveen Aron and BSP Ramashankar Rajbhar.  In the Higher (Rajya Sabha) House, it was brought by SP Ramgopal Yadav and Independent Mohd Adeeb.

Unfortunately, Om Puri has regretted his statements and said sorry.  Kiran Bedi has refused to say sorry for it.

Just for saying what she said and then refusing to back down, I salute Kiran Bedi!

It is important that we start living in a world of reality as opposed to useless “privileges”.  The politicians are not royals that they are above criticism of the people they are supposed to represent.  They are as much commoners as we all are.  All they have is a the “privilege” to not be prosecuted for the laws they pass in the Parliament.  But they will be held accountable for anything that they end of doing outside of that building.

Wtich Hunt is starting

I had alluded to the fact that a witch hunt will commence from the Congress party specifically, and the corrupt politicians in general.  Consider that started now.  The agitation for removing corruption has been so widespread and so amazing, that it will have tremendous repurcussions in many decades to come by.  Congress may lose its future even.  But given their ambitions in terms of money to be looted, one shouldn’t be surprised if they annihiliate Bedi and the other members of Team Anna – personally and socially.

That is why it is imperative for Team Anna to realize that once the Parliament has quietened Anna Hazare, they can do whatever they want with the entire team, so that this was the last protest against their merry business of mking money.

It is important to have the entire country wake up to the threat to Kiran Bedi and her colleagues in this fight.  We cannot lose this fight now.