Usurping Tax Payers Money for the Gandhi-Nehru Family

A reply in Rajya Sabha by Information and Broadcasting Minister of State, CM Jatua is very enlightening.

In India, the money of the tax payer goes into the money given to different ministries to do work for the citizens of the country in various ways. The portfolio of the ministry aligns to the priorities of the country and the money needs to be spent there for the betterment of the country in that area. But is that how it happens?

In 2011 alone – the money spent on just the print ads (the minister said there was no digital campaign, but I am not sure if we got the details for the billboards that may have come up!) – for just two events – Birth Anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi was well over Rs 8 crores.

The ads were run via different ministries, some as diverse and as Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region and Ministry of Women and child development. One may wonder how does Indira Gandhi’s or Rajiv Gandhi’s birth anniversary further the cause of Social Justice in India? We spent over Rs1 crore for

just two functions

from that kitty!

The Rs 44 lacs that should have been spent on furthering the future of women and children in India, the most marginalized of the population, was spent on spalttering our media with the Birth Anniversary celebration ads!

This is not the first time that this is happening. The use of Governmental machinery to forward the Gandhi family has been going on since Independence. Their image building has happened at the cost of India’s tax payer. Moneys that should have gone for food or improvement of health services or creating new schools – has gone into creating buildings, media campaigns, billboards, agencies and foundations which are splashed with funds in crores. The common man – who is the poor of the country – remains with even the basic needs!

So, when we talk of corruption, we ought to talk of the money that is usurped in the name of fake heroes and demi-gods in India – i.e.; the Gandhi-Nehru family! It is time, we the people of the India, ask them to pay up for a free ride all these years!


Interestingly, the amount spent on Rajiv Gandhi was almost twice that spent on Indira Gandhi! It is probably an indication that Rajiv Gandhi is going to be played up in the coming days. This is surely to benefit the young scion of the Gandhi dynasty.

In effect, the tax payer is paying money to build the way for the next in the dynasty to rule over them and loot them to the hearts content! If the citizens of India weren’t being looted off of their hard earned money and the resultant poverty been so dastardly, this entire situation would be a hillarious joke of a completely idiotic populace who had monumental masochistic tendencies. A populace that shouts about its “smarts” but cannot even figure out the most basic form of its own destruction!!

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