Veena Malik talks about her love for Ganpati and plans for Holi; Mullah hounds waiting for her Pakistan?

First of all, one has to applaud the chutzpah and the tackling ability of Veena Malik, the actress from Pakistan, who has – through many different (some debatable) ways, made her place in Bollywood.  She was earlier hounded several times in the Pakistan media for having denigrated Islam and also the image of Pakistan.  If these two concepts and identities are dependent on someone’s professional choices, then boy they are fragile and insecure!!

Now, Veena has come to say, after having pledged that she is a “Namazi Muslim” that she is “an Indian” now.  Not just that, she is showing love to Hinduism by hosting Ganesha and participating in the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.  Not just that, she will be celebrating Holi as well!  🙂 Now, if her antics with Ashmit Patel weren’t enough to cook her in Pakistani media, these remarks surely will.

I am totally fascinated with the ethnic flavours of India and especially its festivals. You know, I had got Ganapati home for the first time for a day last Ganesh Chaturthi, and it was an emotional experience, taking the Lord for visarjan. Now I’m looking forward to the amazing festival of Holi. And this time, I have learnt the tricks of the trade to evade the barrage of colours coming from my friends’ pichkaris. They better watch out! I’m going to drown them in colour this time!”

Just for the record, here is her fight back and grilling in the Pakistani media:

Here she is teaching a Mullah about Islam.

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