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Vivek Agnihotri & Rajiv Malhotra discuss the Islamic-Maoist nexus of Breaking India forces

This is a sequel to Rajiv Malhotra’s previous episode featuring the filmmaker-activist Vivek Agnihotri. Vivek is documenting specific examples of the forces explained in Rajiv Malhotra’s book, “Breaking India”. The Maoists and Kashmir Islamic militants are converging into a unified nexus, just as anticipated in “Breaking India”. Urban Naxalites like Kavita Krishnan are merging such anti-India ideologies. They deploy Western Feminism as the theoretical framework to depict women as “victims” in every issue, by manipulating the context to fit their agenda. Their strategy is to construct an Islamic-Maoist corridor all the way from Kashmir through Central India to Bangladesh and the northeast of India. Hindu patriots are often fooled by sama-dana (Good Cop) which is a mask for bheda-danda (Bad Cop) agendas. The new government has not dismantled the institutional machinery that was set up to fund and support the Breaking India forces, and at times inadvertently supports such forces.

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