Volkswagen launches Used Car Sales Operations

Maruti has a big market in used car sales.  But I am not sure if there is any big company which has taken the “seconds” car market seriously.  Here is one – Volkswagen.  Its used car business is called – Das WeltAuto.

The company has commenced operations with 15 dealerships across the country and plans to end the year with a total of 21 dealerships. The dealerships will trade in cars from all manufacturers and won’t be restricted to just Volkswagen cars. It will also offer a one year warranty on all VW cars sold, while non-VW cars will be sold with a six-month warranty. The company claims that every car sold will be put through a stringent 160-point checklist to ensure that the car provides a hassle-free ownership experience.

In a country like India, it makes a lot of sense to have a brand used car sales operations.  This model of dealing in both VW and non-VW used cars is very popular in the US as well. There are more and more people looking online for used cars for sale at Autozin and other auto sale websites recently. After having such huge success in America, the decision to sell used cars seems to be making its way around the world quickly. Many people seem to prefer purchasing a second-hand car, because not only is it cheaper, it also allows customers to have cars that they wouldn’t normally be able to afford. However, a lot of people are also making use of using a car shipping company like Cars Relo (you can click here to view their website), since they can afford it more easily when they get a secondhand car.

Volkswagen’s choice to start running these second-hand dealerships is a great idea and one that coincides with the needs and wants of the public. With some dealerships offering extended warranties similar to these olive extended vehicle warranty solutions. The cost of brand new cars makes it impossible for most people to fund, so these used cars will be welcomed by the lower-earning classes in the world. When finding a used car, you want to make sure you do the right and necessary checks to see if they are right for you to purchase from. If you are looking for a specific car like a Dodge RAM, you may follow links like and check out what is on offer in your area, talk with a car dealer to find the best questions to ask and what to look out for when seeing the car in person.

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