Vulnerability is the key to love and creativity

Vulnerability is the key to love and creativity

The courage to be vulnerable in the face of a world, where everyone notices vulnerability in others first and display it the last, is not easy to come by.  But for those, who choose to be vulnerable and yet be self-compassionate in face of the world’s onslaught, there is real love that awaits.

Above all, vulnerability is the key to receptivity.  The world is a mess not because people cannot give.  But, because people don’t know how to RECEIVE.  Receptivity stems from vulnerability of one’s self and being comfortable about it.

Love cannot co-exist with high walls of false bravado.  It may be fine to deal with the “tough” world, but for relationships its a deal breaker.  But for relationship of love to work the best; BOTH the participants need to be comfortable with their own and other’s vulnerability – and thus, live a life of heightened receptivity!

Here is a very interesting TED talk by Brené Brown who studies studies vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame.

Featured Image source: Flickr

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