Weight management and my paranthas

Ever since I went to work in my first job and stopped playing, my girth and weight expanded.  I have always been fond of eating good food – specially the Indian home cooked – so it is rather tough for me to leave that.  I have reduced my intake but there still remains a substantial amount on my plate when I start my meal.

I have tried to lose weight and I did for a few months by cutting off on my food intake and also exercising everyday.  But that regimen of eating little and ONLY healthy is really unrealistic.  Also, I do not want to enter into that arena of specialised factory created special foods that look and taste like normal food but are low fat – for they will be so un-natural that if I dont die of heart attack, I will die of toxicity!

I feel that there is a case to be made for moderation.   But only so much moderation.  After that your exercise – and regular, though even little (say, like 30 minutes) – should be able to handle your weight control.  I want to move toward that paradigm.  That is more realistic on the longer term basis and also makes your life as a thin six-pack ab guy worth living.  After all, what is the fun in having six-pack abs but missing out on a morning breakfast of paranthas and managing it with just a small bowl of chemically treated cereal.. just for your low weight?

One of the things that I need to do regularly is play.  Something I have missed in so many years.  Ever since I came to the US, I have lost all interest in sports anyways.  I don’t pretend to like baseball as most other NRIs do, now am I interested in American Football.  And ever since the humanoids like Pete Sampras and Venus Williams hit the scene I lost interest in Tennis as well!  It was no longer a human sport anymore.  The state of cricket is in such a bad state that I am on the border of hating it as well.  The current crop of cricketers dont help me much either.

So, I need to find some motivating to start playing.  Or I will have to do with the low fat cereals and “leafy green salads”.  Oh for the Parantas!!

Btw, any tips?

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