What Evidence is Required for Pak and WHY?

Last updated on Dec 31, 2008

Posted on Dec 31, 2008

While every Pakistani and his brother (or sister) is busy trying to “prove” that Kasab is an Indian and that the attacks in Mumbai were the handiwork of Indians themselves, the Government conveniently has simply pleaded ignorance when faced with evidence from India, US and UK!

Evidence, the Pakistani Government says, would not stand scrutiny in a “court of law”.[1]  Sure, if that court is a Pakistani court, where only the feudal law works anyways.. nothing will work!  But, just an FYI.. we were talking a civilized court of law which actually has scruples!

Watch the video on the right and see how the Pakistani nation – people AND the Government have tried to put down the voices that actually said that Kasab was a Pakistani!

Some other evidences:

– Americans have given Pakistan a taped conversation that Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi , associate of top LeT commander Zarar Shah, had with the Mumbai Attack terrorists.
– Pakistani officials have said Shah has admitted role in the Mumbai Attacks during interrogations.[4]

Now, ask yourself, what more evidence is required for a person who HABITUALLY  and DELIBERATELY refute Pakistan’s certain and inescapable EXPORT of terror.

Moreover, I believe that if India does want and need to take action against a set of people who are set of hurting it, then there is really no need for showing evidence!  After all, the LeT, the ISI, the Pak Army does not go around “showing” evidence on India before it sends its goons over to the Indian territory!  If India really feels – as I certainly do – that the seeds of terror are FIRMLY and DEFINITELY in Pakistan, there is a strong case to hit on the targets where such people are trained and reside.  These attacks could be in any way, shape or form

– send commandos ready to be sacrificed to eliminate the targets,
– pay the people around them enough to eliminate them,
– or strike internally through specific and targeted attacks.

I feel there is no reason why these terrorists should be supported by ANY Pakistani whose heart beats for “Peace”.  If that person is indeed SERIOUS and not just paying lip service, then these elements have to the eliminated from the face of the earth.  If the discussion of “Peace” is just to deflect the real criticism and support the war from these elements, then there is no reason why such a “Peace” should be supported or welcomed!

I personally am not a “half way” person or someone who thinks if you play-act then it may become truth.  I like to face the truth in its face.  The truth is that terrorists elements who have and are attacking India are FIRMLY enconsed in Pakistan and have to be eliminated BEFORE any viable Peace could be discussed or even become a possibility.  If I were the PM of the country, I would be finding ways to eliminate Pakistani Nukes so next time such attacks are even planned tha deterrent attack would be so devastating that no body would even think of doing such things. .. because honestly, I am MAD AS HELL!  Talking Peace with  Pakistan sans their elimination of terrorism INSULTS my intelligence!

Reference Links:

1. Evidence from UK and US not Enough, says Pakistan
2. Pak gets 26/11 proof: Top Lashkar man sings
3. Excl: 26/11 terrorists may be from Pak, says envoy
4.   More evidence against Pak, LeT admits to role
5. Kasab taken for identification parade

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