What was cooking in her kitchen? Kills Hubby for Cook!

Last updated on Aug 6, 2007

Posted on Aug 6, 2007

In any story of differences between the husband and wife, almost always the world has sympathy towards the wife.  The women always somehow walk off with sympathy.  But its not that they are without their share of sordid behavior!  Remember this one where the wife fried her hubby and served him for dinner?

Here is another tale from India where a rich lady killed her hubby and dumped his body because she was in love with her cook!!  Hmm so there was a lot cooking in the kitchen huh!!

A rich man’s wife in love with the cook, Niti Aggarwal could have been the Lady Chatterley of Pilibhit. But she gave her own story a more sordid twist — she conspired with her paramour and allegedly murdered her husband Aditya, owner of a sugar mill in Pilibhit, and dumped his body in Bhairot in Rajasthan.

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