When Boobs quaked the world!

Last updated on Apr 28, 2010

Posted on Apr 28, 2010

A low-cut protest rocked the world this week.  The epicenter was the facebook page called “Boobquake”.

Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi had said recently that:

“Many women who do not dress modestly … lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes.”

A statement that women did not take lightly.  So the facebook page was started and the campaign drew over 80,000 women.  Idea was to challenge cleric’s almighty with a show of strength from their “hearts” by some women.  Some of the reactions were:

“On Monday, April 26th, I will wear the most cleavage-showing shirt I own,” Ms McCreight wrote.
“Yes, the one usually reserved for a night on the town.
“I encourage other female skeptics to join me and embrace the supposed supernatural power of their breasts. Or short shorts, if that’s your preferred form of immodesty.
“With the power of our scandalous bodies combined, we should surely produce an earthquake.
“If not, I’m sure Sedighi can come up with a rational explanation for why the ground didn’t rumble.”

There were rallies in major American towns with low-cut and high skirts/shorts.  Women clearly dared the cleric.

But as luck would have it, a magnitude 6.5 earthquake hit Taiwan on Monday!  Proving the cleric right or simply bewlidering God into submission by the show of women strength!

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