Where is Pakistan headed?

Last updated on Jan 19, 2008

Posted on Jan 19, 2008

Bhutto’s death was a watershed and terrible!  But what is happening thereafter is even worse… and under the radar of most media.

On Wednesday hundreds of militants – those who had a decade ago fought along with the Pakistan Army – used rockets and powerful ammunition to kill 8 soldiers, while 25 are missing!  They ran through a fort in South Waziristan.  They are pro-Taliban and pro-Al Qaeda militants who claim they killed 16 and captured 12.

After four hours of fighting, the fort in Sararogha area was gone from the hands of the Pakistan Army.

That was Wednesday.  A day later, another military post in a fort was abandoned in a remote tribal area.

Nobody is fool enough to believe that this group of militants can run over an entire country.  We all know they cannot.  But what is striking is the outrageous nature of the attacks.  The very people who they were fighting FOR, now are the sworn enemies.

Is the “passion” of these militants faked?  For over two decades, both the sides swore by a religious goal!  Anyone who was a seen going against that idea of God was “fair game”.  Suddenly the Masters are the new anti-Gods.

Doesn’t it beg the question – WHO decides the way and the moral of this God?  How does one know if an action or a person is doing something “ordained” and who isn’t?

If there ever was a proof required on the foolishness of using a God or a religious moral-set as the basis of a passion for war… Pakistan of today should be the most striking of an answer.  God and religion are man-made ideas and still we all claim it to be a fixed value that no one can consistently define.  People change… ideas change.. God’s coordinates change.  The dots that connected two people, at some point come and stand between them.

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