Which way the world economy?

Last updated on Oct 14, 2007

Posted on Oct 14, 2007

Revolutionary Wealth

I have been wondering for the last few months as to which way the economy of the world is going towards? It affects – at a personal level – decisions of investments and money management and at a broader level – involving industrial shifts – the shape of work and jobs to come.

I am reading “Revolutionary Wealth” by Alvin Toffler… and it has some interesting thoughts and analysis. However, I think each one of us needs to do that same kind of analysis as we go on, based on our experiences. I will try and put here the various economic-oriented happenings that are happening in the world today.. and based on them we may do some analysis on how the world may settle. Its just an exploratory discussion and analysis.

The major issues that I see (and which I intend to discuss later in more detail are) in no particular order as of now (I will keep expanding this list as well):

US Economy: Large US deficit

  • China Economy: Trade imbalance of US and Europe in favor of China
  • China Economy: China’s great growth and manufacturing base
  • India economy: Rise of services sector
  • India economy: Unequal growth
  • European Economy: Socialist agendas
  • Russian Economy: Oil power and Soviet Deja vu
  • Middle East Politics: Islam discord with Western policies

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