Why does a New Zealand school teach Sanskrit?

These days in India, if we have any schools making it important to learn Sanskrit, it would raise a huge hue and cry, specially amongst the Seculars.  But it takes a school in New Zealands Auckland to come up with a curriculum to learn Sanskrit.  And they have laid it out

Rig Veda in Sanskrit

very clearly why it is so important for Kiwi kids to learn Sanskrit.  (Hat Tip: Shaas Ruzicka)

Mind you, the school says in an earlier answer that it looks itself as a Christian theology based – although it respects other religions as well.

It is in that light, the explanation of the school becomes more important:

Parents often ask why we teach Sanskrit at Ficino. There are many excellent reasons why we have chosen Sanskrit as the focus of language studies. It stands at the root of very many eastern and western languages, including English and most other European languages, both classical and modern. The word ‘Sanskrit’ means ‘perfectly constructed’ and its study illuminates the grammar and etymology of language. It is a language full of beauty: of pure sounds, of structure, of script, of poetry and prose. Study of its grammar brings order to the mind and helps clarify thinking as well as speech and listening skills. Sanskrit has one of the richest and most extensive literatures of all known languages; vast epics, profound scripture, subtle philosophy, voluminous mythology, exquisite poetry and much else. Sanskrit literature embodies a comprehensive map of the human makeup: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. The Study of Sanskrit therefore provides a wonderful teaching resource as well as being infinitely stimulating for the developing mind. Finally, Sanskrit is a language of impeccable academic credentials and is hugely respected by the academic community. It often forms a point of interest, comment and admiration when scholars are interviewed for university admission.

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