Why I have no sympathy for Palestinians

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has again fired up in Middle East and the violence is ever the more terrible.  The “intellectual liberals” around the world are projecting the strikes by Israel as “terrorism” and parading the casualties in Palestine of the men, women and babies as cruelty.  Of course, these sections blame Israel.

I DON’T!  Simply.  I just don’t.  Not just that, I have no sympathy for the Palestinian “victims”.  Let us see why I have “gone heartless”?  Or have I?

Recent History

Let us get our facts clarified before we go anywhere.  Since the 1881 to 1930s many Jews descended upon the area where Israel is there from Eastern Europe and other middle Eastern countries, to live in the land of their ancestors AND to escape persecution everywhere in those areas.

On May 15, 1947, General Assembly of UN formed a committee – United Nations Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) to prepare for consideration at the next regular session of the Assembly a report on the question of Palestine.

The Committee proposed in September 1947 a three state solution – (i) an independent Arab State, (ii) an independent Jewish State, and (iii) the City of Jerusalem.  The City of Jerusalem was to be under an International Trusteeship System.

The General Assembly passed a resolution in November to adopt and implement a Plan of Partition with Economic Union.  The Jewish Agency – representative of the Jews – accepted the plan.  Arabs – Arab League and Arab Higher Committee – however, refused to accept the plan.

On December 1, Arab Higher Committee called out a 3-day strike and Arab goons started attacking the Jews in that area – killing, raping and destroying their property.  Jews were taken aback, but recovered to strike back.  Many Palestinians left the area.

Stung by the whole malafide and devious strategy and actions of Arabs and Palestinians, David Ben-Gurion, the head of the Jewish Agency, declared “the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz-Israel, to be known as the State of Israel“.

The very next day, Muslim forces comprising of armies of 4 countries – Egypt, Syria, Transjordan and Iraq – entered the area and attacked Jews in what is known as the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.    Saudi Arabia also sent its army to fight under Egypt direction.

The War raged for a year and at the end of it temporary border called “Green Line” were drawn where Jordan won the areas now known as West Bank and East Jerusalem.  Meanwhile Egypt took control of the Gaza Strip.

From whatever they could salvage, the Israelis somehow, rationing food and clothing, eked out their living and moved on.  During the years after that, many people – Holocaust survivors etc – moved into Israel.  These years also saw numerous fidayeen attacks by the Palestinians who came from the Gaza strip.  Egypt even closed the Suez Canal to Israelis in the 1950s.  Its only when the Israelis attacked the Sinai Peninsula, that UN gave them express rights for shipping in Red Sea and use of the Canal.

In 1964, continuing their antagonism, the Arab countries tried to divert the Jordan river water to deprive the Israelis of their water supply.  Arabs, with nothing but hatred for the Jews, called for complete destruction of Israel, led by Egyptian President Abdul Nasser.  In 1967, the Egyptians initiated a blockade of the Red Sea against the Israelis and start mobilizing forces along with other Arab states.

Seeing this as the last straw, Israel prepared itself and launched a pre-emptive strike against Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq on June 5th, 1967.

In what is known as the “Six Day War”.  Israel captured West Bank, the Gaza Strip, Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights; while expanding Jerusalem to include East Jerusalem.  Thereafter, there has been a lot of armed conflict, which was initially led by Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) which was committed to violence and armed struggle.

In January 2006, Hamas – a terrorist organization – won the elections decisively by beating Fatah Party – which is aligned with PLO.

Arab Entitlement to Gaza, West Bank – for what?

If one looks around the world, it seems Muslims in general do NOT understand the meaning of War.  They fight wars by attacking FIRST.  They provoke the wars.  Then, the territories they annex by hook or crook – like Pakistan, Bangladesh etc – they are “legitimately” theirs.  Anyone talking of “Akhand Bharat” now is called a lunatic.

However, the territories they lose, they still lay “legitimate” claim on them – like Kashmir, Hyderabad, Israel’s various areas.

How does this nonsense even get accepted?

No Sympathy for Palestinians

Someone needs to make an example out of this.  And this is the FIRST reason, why I have no sympathy for the sufferings of Palestinians.

Second, Hamas is a terrorist and violent organization.  Well, so was PLO, but lets forget them for a while.  And WHO voted them to power in Palestine region?  Jews?  Americans???  NO!  It were the Palestinians themselves!

So, the narrative out of Palestine that we, as outsiders, hear is that the economy is in shambles.. .. they don’t have enough to eat… yaddy yaddy yadda.  Well, they apparently have enough to buy and build rockets in HUNDREDS to shoot at Israel.  That too long range ones.

And.. these rockets are shot from close to or from inside the residential areas.

And, when the Israelis return fire, guess what happens?  Normal “innocent” population gets hit as “collateral damage”.

No!  They aren’t collateral damage!  They ARE the enemy.  Yes, the parents of the kids who voted back Hamas and now use their kids as a way to “garner sympathy” for their malafide cause.

Any bets on what would have happened if the Arabs got a week of “free reign” and Israelis stopped being aggressive?  They would WIPE Israel off of the map!  They have said it time and again, and even prepared to do it, before Israelis spoiled their party in 1967 by taking all of these Islamic nations on in one sweep!

If you want by the yard, but give by the inch, you should be kicked by the foot!

That’s what should be done to the Arabs.

Palestinians represent Arabs and Muslims.. PERIOD

Palestinians have to decide what they want to do with themselves.  Because they are the shoulder on which EVERY Muslim, specifically Arabs in the world puts his gun on to shoot at the Jews.  Every one.  I have heard even Pervex MUsharraf, when he was the Pakistani President saying that Palestinians CANNOT make any deal with the Israelis “on their own”.  Every Islamic power will be involved in the decision.

So, if Hamas needs to attack Israel, and NOT have its citizens be “collateral damage”, then it begets these “Islamic Ummah” to host the Palestinians till Hamas and Israelis are done sparring.  Right?

I mean if you buggers from such far off lands as Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran want to have a say in the future of Palestinians land, you better care for them when they fight.  Right?  WRONG!

Let us shut the blind emotional nonsense!

When that little baby comes to the hospital with burns and blown off body parts, let us STOP blaming Israel now.  Let us ask EVERY Muslim in EVERY Islamic AND Non-Islamic country to stand up and raise their hands.  ALL of them are responsible.

Let us also call out the names of all Hamas members.  Look at them carefully.  They are the ones who USE these babies as “Human Shields”!

Then ask for the parents of those babies.  They are the ones who either voted for Hamas or tolerate their rule or decided to NOT leave Palestine even though they knew what they were upto.

This is war.  And in war, Israel is not going to shower rose petals on Palestinians, who – if they got half a chance – would gladly destroy EVERY Jew in the world – not just Israel!  (look at the aims of Pakistani terrorists in 26/11 if you need perspective and confirmation).

Teach peace to Arabs

First teach them what loss in a War means.

Then teach them that the conflict can be over, if they ACKNOWLEDGE completely and whole-heartedly the existence and legitimacy of Israel in their midst and stop treating them as enemies.  If you shower 100 rockets a day at someone, then be prepared for something even more terrible!  I am amazed at the restraint of Israel that they haven’t thrown a Nuke at these Arab states.  For, if Pakistan was being hit like this by India, guess what would have come our way?

If Iran gets the Nuke, does anyone doubt that it wouldn’t take more than a week for it to find its way on Tel Aviv?  Even that question is from “La-la-land”, given how expressly Ahmednijad openly and consistently prays everyday for complete destruction of Israel.

If the world tolerates such “I will destroy Israel” sentiment, then why can’t it give Israel the freedom to wish – and execute – the same on those enemies?  If Iran wants to attack Israel suo moto, then Israel is within its rights to hit and destroy Iran in a suo moto attack.

Karna and Arjun – a lesson

There is a story in Mahabharat, where Karna, who is a friend of the king on one side (villains) had along with his friends killed the son of his cousin (and enemy), Arjun [against the rule of war that many men cannot attack a single person that young in the war, yet they fought him, killed him but made an example out of his death] in the ensuing War and danced in mad glee around his corpse a few days back.  His chariot wheel is now stuck in mud, and Arjun has a clear shot at him.  Krishna, the God-incarnation and charioteer for Arjun urges him to shoot.  Karna looks at him with concern and asks “But that is against the Rules of War”.

Krishna retorts “Rules?? Which rules?  The ones YOU thwarted when you killed Abhimanyu?  How can you seek refuge of the VERY rules that YOU have destroyed YOURSELF.  Now, this war will be fought with the rules that YOU have laid out.”  And, with that Arjun shoots at Karna and kills him.

Which rules?

One needs to ask the Arabs and the Muslims world-wide the same question that Krishna asked Karna.  Which rules?  Under WHICH rules do you want sympathy?  If, whom you call the aggressor, had not been so diligent and offensive in his response, and was weak, would you have left him alive?

If no, then please be ready to face your OWN prescription for him when it is turned against you!

You cannot have different rules for someone else and another set for yourself.

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