Why India raised issues about Border violations: the Pakistani panel at its ridiculous worst!

I have seen a lot of stupid anchors on Pakistani TV and totally illogical discussions.  But this one takes the cake!  Worse thing is I consider him to be one of the intelligent guys in Pak media!

The discussion, the reasons, and the “insights” just stump you.  I mean, at every new “revelation” you ask – what the heck is he smoking out there?

The program starts with the presumption that whatever India is saying and raising its voice on is OBVIOUSLY INCORRECT and PROPAGANDA!  Now, that they have “established” that, they go on to look “Why is India trying to do this to Pakistan?”.  As if Pakistan has a birth right to not to be disagreed with.

Two soldiers had the heads cut off, one taken along with the Pakistanis, and yet, this TV panel acts as if all that is “play-acting”.  In fact, one guy actually says that “They must have done it to themselves”!

When 9-11 happens, done by Muslims.. the theory is that was done by Americans.  Israelis also kill themselves in bomb blasts only to make Muslims look bad.  Indians also kill themselves to denigrate the Pakistanis.  As if all of the “enemies” of Pakistan and Muslims are masochistically conspiring to denigrate these guys.  Its like every American, Israeli and Indian (read Hindu) mother tells her kid in the crib “Look, when you grow up, your ONLY aim is to make the Muslims and Pakistanis look bad.  Even if you have to blow up your other Americans, Jews and Hindus respectively.  Remember its that important.  Only way to get 144 virgins.. they only aim for 72!!”
There seems to be absolutely no perspective on life for these guys.

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