Why is Pakistan Army so Angry?

Last updated on Oct 8, 2009

Posted on Oct 8, 2009

Pakistan’s army is angry over the terms of the US Aid PAckage, which they term as “interference in Pakistan’s Business”.  What has irked them so much?  Well, US for once has made it mandatory that the Aid is administered and managed by the Civilian Govt as opposed to the Pak Army, which as historical evidence shows, uses it for only one goal – hitting India!

The section of the legislation that has outraged the army says the secretary of state must report to Congress every six months on whether the government is exercising “effective civilian control over the military.”  The secretary must assess the extent to which the civilian government has oversight over the military chain of command, promotion of generals and the military budgets, provisions that even Pakistani politicians have taken strong exception to as meddling in Pakistan’s business.
The legislation also says Pakistan must show progress in ending support for terrorist groups, and dismantle groups operating out of Quetta and Muridke.

Now, what I find rather intriguing is that this US Aid is there because Pakistan can’t fight its own extremists AND doesn’t have money enough to even survive – its on the brink of bankruptcy.  When someone is giving money to a beggar at least the donor has the right to make sure it won’t be used to buy a pistol to kill someone.  Begged money has to be used for things the donor intends.. and he will make sure that the proper controls are in place for that!

In my view, this is something that should have happened LONG time back!

Now, What Pakistan does want, however, instead of “managed aid”?

Drones and other military technology, free market access in the US. and US “Trust”.  Hmmm to use that military aid against whom?

You have to give at least one thing to the Pakistanis – they can pursue Terrorism as a State Policy with a rather straight face!

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