Why Vivek Tiwari was Wrong in his Erratic and Aggressive Behavior

Why Vivek Tiwari was Wrong in his Erratic and Aggressive Behavior

Vivek Tiwari, a resident of Lucknow, was shot by a police constable while he was driving back from a party after the launch of iPhone XS and XS Max.  He was with his colleague Sana Khan.  Per Khan’s own testimony, Tiwari was shot when the police constable Prashant Chowdhary fired at them after a car chase, where Tiwari failed to stop his car even when asked to do so.

When he was asked to stop, Tiwari not just did not stop at the checkpoint, he went on to hit two policemen who were on the bike.

According to the police, when the constable at Gomti Nagar extension signalled Tiwari to stop for checking, “he tried to flee”. Police officials said, “Tiwari sped away and his car hit a bike on which two constables were riding, who then chased and shot him”.

After hitting the policemen and their bike, he tried to speed away.

In an area which was barricaded due to some reason and a place where crime has been high in the past, police need to do their duty of checking anyone they think is suspicious.  Uttar Pradesh has been, unfortunately, a place with lots of arms with people.  In that sense, it was important that the government arm the police and give them responsibility and freedom to not just defend themselves but aggressively catch the criminals.

Apparently, in Vivek TIwari’s case, he was not a criminal.  But the policeman sitting outside who saw him behaving like a guilty criminal, possibly even drunk, would not have known.  In fact, given Sana Khan’s own testimony and that of the policemen, it seems obvious that Tiwari acted suspicious, aggressive and violent.  His actions of running away while trying to mow down police personnel even when asked to stop smack of irresponsible behavior towards law enforcement.

Law enforcement cannot be treated with disdain or be slighted.  For, at the end of the day, they are what is between criminals and the citizens.

Despite that, the Yogi government has gone ahead and shown goodwill gesture to the family of the Vivek Tiwari.

The Tribune quoted that the victim’s brother-in-law as saying that the family consented to cremate the body after the Lucknow District Magistrate assured that a job would be given to his sister in the municipal corporation. He also assured that a compensation of Rs 25 lakh would be provided to the family within a month and a CBI probe ordered into the case if the family so desired. (Source: Swarajya)

While it is sad that Tiwari was killed.  But it is important that when someone is speeding in a car at 40 – 60 kmph and not stopping when asked to do so and in turn trying to mow down the policemen, it is important that the police show zero tolerance and do what is needed.

Shooting a speeding driver who not just broke through the barricade after targeting policemen but had no intention of stopping was the right action!

What one found really interesting was the kind of people Tiwaris are.  When Prashant Chaudhary’s wife accompanied him to file an FIR against Vivek Tiwari for trying to run over Chaudhary, Tiwari’s widow – despite all the concessions shown by the government – wanted action against the wife of Chaudhary!

Tiwari’s widow Kalpana Tiwari has also demanded action against constable Prashant Chaudhary’s constable wife who, along with her husband, went to the Gomti Nagar police station last evening to lodge an FIR against her deceased husband.

Really?!!  Chaudhary was doing his duty.  Tiwari had NO business to do what he did.  It is sad that he died.  But with the series of actions that he did, what did he expect at night?  For policemen to be sitting ducks and offer themselves and security arrangement on the platter?

Indian citizens are the most neurotic and self-delusional.  They want security.  Only from others.  While they themselves want to trample security and safety of others and the law enforcement at every point.  You cannot seek the safety of the roof that you yourself are so keen on bringing down!

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