“Will Give Decision in India’s Benefit and Manage PCB also”: Pak Umpire caught in TV Sting

In an India TV sting on T20 World Cup Umpires, 6 umpires from South Asia – Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka – have been caught agreeing to cooperate to give wrong decisions for money.  They are Nadeem Ghauri and Anees Siddiqui of Pakistan, Nadir Shah of Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka’s Gamini Dissanayake, Maurice Winston and Sagara Gallage.

While Nadeem Ghauri was ready to do anything for money, Anees Siddiqui was willing to go even further – he was also ready to “manage the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to accept a decision favourable to India”.  Which essentially means that for money, Indian bookies can – potentially – buy Pakistan Cricket Control Board officials!

The transcript for Nadeem Ghauri goes something like below.  You can also check out the video here.

R- Achha achha maan lijiye jaise LBW hai
N- Haan ji
R – Leg before wicket
N- haan
R – isme, uska khiladi ka favour ho sakta hai
N – Hann, bilkul bilkul.
R- to ye favour kar denge aap?
N – Haan, bilkul ye hosakta hai.
R – Haan to isi tareeke ke, jaise maan lijiye bahut close nick hota hai bat se, Caught behind the wicket hota hai.
N – Haan ye bhi theek hai, kyonki wahaan jakar jo meeting hoti hai usme ye dekhna padega ki Snickometer to nahi hai ya Hawkeye to nahi hai.

Sri Lankan Sagara Gallage meanwhile was willing to give away information on pitch, toss, and the playing eleven of both, India and Pak before their warm up match.

As was expected, Nadeem Ghauri has denied and rebutted the incident and has said it was a conversation during Sri Lanka’s Premier League and was shown “out of context”.  Seems like Mitt Romney is not the only one who can lie blatantly with a straight face!

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