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Wing Cmdr Shahzaz Ud Din – dead F-16 PAF pilot who died defending Terrorists and disowned by Pakistan

When the Mig-21 Bison downed a more modern and powerful F-16B Twin-seat Variant, Pakistan denied it.  Now, it has been ascertained that one fighter pilot from Pakistan Air Force died.  His name was Wing Cmdr Shahzaz Ud Din.

It is highly unlikely that the Pakistanis will even admit to that, leave alone giving him a proper farewell.

Since both the pilots ejected from the F-16, it might be that one of them suffered critical injuries while ejecting.  Or worse, that he was killed by locals thinking that he is an Indian pilot.  That is the version that many are suggesting since one of the pilots was said to have been taken to a hospital.

I wonder what his family may be thinking – that even though he was from such a strong Air Force family, his own country disowned him when it came to his death.  And, death for what?  Defending terrorists?!

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