Woman battered to death in Muslim dominated Bihar village in Taliban style execution!

We had discussed yesterday how a Muslim dominated village in Bihar has banned use of cell phones for unmarried women.  Now comes the story of Taliban like execution in a Bihar village, again dominated by Muslims.

Bibi Shehzadi, 32, a Muslim housewife of Asiyani village who had been hailed for starting a self-helpgroup for impoverished women, was allegedly given a “death sentence” by the local panchayat on Thursday. Investigation in the case is on, but no one had been arrested till the filing of this report.  A mother of three, Shehzadi had been accused of having an illicit relationship with a relative, Md Salim. Her husband Md Munna works in Ludhiana.
The Tiyarpara panchayat, headed by sarpanch Zaki Ahmad, “tried” Shehzadi and pronounced her “guilty”. “She was executed in public, but no one dared to protest,” said an eyewitness on condition of anonymity

She was tried and executed in full public view, battered to death!

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Bihar woman executed in public for extra-marital affair

Bihar village bans women from using mobiles

Bihar village bans women from using mobiles

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