Woman Gangraped, Killed and Hung from a Tree in Bihar

I know a lot has been written about rape and rape cases.  Jyoti’s rape itself was a demonstration of mind-numbing inhuman traits… Worse than animals.  Now, this another one – close on heels of so many others, is equally baffling.  Do we not have human beings living in India anymore?

In a shocking incident, a woman who got down from a Delhi-bound train in Bhagalpur district, was gangraped, killed and her semi-naked body hung from a tree in a mango orchard in Kahalgaon.
The woman, along with her 10-year-old son and two relatives, was on way to Delhi from Alipurdwar to join her husband who works as a labourer in Delhi. They were travelling by the Brahmaputra Mail.  Police said the 32-year-old victim was dragged to the mango orchard and gangraped by unidentified persons after she alighted from the train between Vikramshila and Kahalgaon stations.
She was strangled to death and her body hung from a tree late Saturday night. Police recovered the body on Sunday and sent it to the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and Hospital in Bhagalpur for postmortem.

There is no justification for this!  How can someone drag a helpless woman, collectively rape her and hang her on a tree after killing her?  What kind of mindset can do that?


Woman allegedly gang-raped, murdered, body hung from tree

Bihar: Woman allegedly gang-raped, murdered, body hung from tree

Bihar: Men gangrape woman, strangulate her to death

Woman found hanging from tree in Bihar

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