Woohoo I Got Google Wave? NOW WHAT??

Last updated on Nov 28, 2009

Posted on Nov 28, 2009

I had gotten the Google Wave invite quite a few weeks ago.  And I gave it to many others as well via facebook.  I know many on my facebook network had asked me to review the service.  BUT .. although I was excited about the invite and felt great to receive it, I haven’t really checked back on it!

I have had a simple question – What do I do with it?

All my friends are on gmail.  Inspite of the fact that I sent out “nominations for invite” for my friends.. most aren’t on it.  So, if there is no friend on there.. who the heck am I supposed to “Wave” with?  The limited invites may have seemed like a great idea for gmail and other such start-up services.. but for something that RELIES on connections and a network…. this “Beta-Limited-Invites” route was a decidedly future-destroying one.

And I am not the only one asking this question either.  CS Monitor’s Andrew Heining cites this Frank Sinatra song to make his point:

It’s like singin’ to empty tables
Or a gallery full of ghosts
Or like givin’ a great big party
Where nobody shows but the host

I think these lines sum it all up pretty well!  So, if you are asking yourself – “I got the coveted Google Wave.. now what?”  then you are not the only one with that query.  And it could actually destroy this service even before it has started.. for it had not captured any imagination.. and certainly not to the level of what Gmail was able to do!

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So you’ve got Google Wave. Now what?

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