World may be losing patience with Pakistani stance

Last updated on Dec 6, 2008

Posted on Dec 6, 2008

Two more developments:

1. US says Pak Army and Intelligence Chiefs have effectively admitted that th terrorists who participated in the Mumbai attacks were Pakistani nationals and members of the LeT.  Chairman of US Joint Chiefs of staff Admiral Michael Mullen related this to National Security Advisor MK Narayana and Defense Minister AK Anthony.

2. On the other hand Condi Rice has told Pakistani authorities that there is “irrefutable evidence” of involvement of elements in this country in the Mumbai terror attacks and it had no option but to act urgently “otherwise, the US will act.”

Meanwhile as the media – with necessary injection of hallucinatory controversies – in Pakistan continues to throw out more and more ridiculous theories by “Defense Analysts” whose only claim may be writing Harry Potter type stories, and make matters worse for itself.  There is an attempt and very urgent one at that within Pakistan to obfuscate the issue more and more – at least within their own borders.  How will that help?  The anger against US – for any action – will be boiling in case US chooses to act.  Now, yes, Pakistan has Nukes .. and that may be an effective weaponry against India because of the proximity.. but to expect that these Nukes can hurt US is a pipedream!  And to me the line of thinking that the “powers that be” in Pakistan are moving along is masochistic and suicidal.  But given how these powers have virtually destroyed the economy – and indeed the Pakistani nation – in pursuit of the so-called “Kashmiri solidarity” is a very instructive example in any case (See below)

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Kashmiri Mess

If you ask why Kashmir is an issue – then the reply comes.. well Kashmiris should be “independent”.  Huh!  In 1947, when the different Kingdoms (not within British India) were given the freedom to join either India or Pakistan, Kashmir CHOSE to remain FREE.  It wanted to be an independent kingdom!  But in 1947, Pakistan sent their Army regulars dressed as Tribals (along with some real Tribals, I am guessing) to take over Kashmir.  India didn’t take much notice.. until they were just a few kilometers outside of Srinagar.  Then the India Army entered the fight by landing at the ONLY place left untouched… the Srinagar Airport.  Then it started pushing these guys back to Pakistan.  They reached a certain point when the Indian forces asked for more reinforcements… this request was overturned by the Head of Indian Army – who incidently was still a British officer (India became a full republic in 1950 – and interestingly, both the heads of Army – India and Pakistan were British at that time.. so go figure!).  Nehru was advised by Gov. General Mountbatten to go to UN and thus Kashmir became an issue that was for ever.  Now, many things happened after that. One of the major one being transfer of Trans-Karakoram tract in 1963 by Pakistan to China.  It was a piece of land that was hitherto equal to 1/3rd of the total Pakistan Administered Kashmir.  Now, obviously, under the UN resolution, both the parties were required to keep status quo of 1948.  In 1963, that UN resolution, in my personal view was blown into pieces.

Now, if Kashmir was so important to Pakistan’s Islamic identity and if its heart really beats for Kashmir and kashmiris then I find it intriguing that you may want to barter away someone’s property that you are holding as a trustee!!!  So, irrespective of the stated (and I feel hypocritical) objective, I don’t buy it.

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