WTF: Once Deported Pak Citizen Roaming in Mumbai in a car with red siren!

The guy is Sayyed Waseem-ur-Rehman Shah. He came to India in Nov 2006 and was deported from India in May 2007, because of expired visa. He has an ongoing spat with the management of ‘Dargah Hazrat Khwaja Mansurul’, a shrine located in Bhandup. He is also accused of making incendiary speeches. He has offenses in Sangli and Mumbai registered against him.

But, he is a free man, who roams around in Mumbai in a car with a red siren. A privilege of the top political and bureaucratic brass!

He had last entered India using an X Visa (entry visa) in October 2010, which has been subsequently been extended and will expire in December 2012.

Did he usurp the license for Red Siren on his car from somewhere or is he doing it thinking no one would care or know and he will anyhow get the passage of way through the city.

In a city like Mumbai, which was very recently hit by terrorists trained from Pakistan, this incident is indeed pretty scary! What if 5 terrorists with cars having red sirens go around in the city and enter locations which are off limits to normal people and create havoc? It is more possible than you might think!

Although this happened in Mumbai. It could easily have happened in Delhi as well!

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