Yet another Bus Gang rape – in Punjab – and victim dumped

It is as if the collective male consciousness has just become mind-numbingly criminal in India.  Close on the heels of the death of Jyoti Singh Pandey, the Delhi Gang rape victim, come another gang rape, which can bring the images of Delhi’s nightmare back.


The victim had boarded the service to her in-laws’ home in the northern state of Punjab when she was abducted Friday and driven to a district bordering the Sikh holy city of Amritsar, local police officer Raj Jeet Singh said.

Five men joined the driver and conductor, who had taken her by motorbike to an unknown address, and took turns to rape the victim before dropping her off near her in-laws’ village on Saturday morning, he said.
“Six men have been arrested on allegations of having raped a 29-year-old woman… after forcibly taking her to an unknown location on the night of January 11,” the policeman told AFP, adding that a seventh suspect was being hunted.
“After raping the victim throughout the night, one of the accused dropped her near her in-laws’ house the next morning where she narrated the whole incident to her two sisters-in-law.”
He said the extent of her injuries had yet to be established. Police arrested the men late Saturday. (link)

This rape also involved a victim boarding a bus and the driver as well conductor and their friends involved in violating the woman, by raping her the whole night before dumping her.

Six of the accused have been arrested, while the 7th is still at large.

The raping epidemic doesn’t seem to end in the country – specially Northern India – at all!  We need to find both legal as well as social answers to this.

6 Arrested In New Rape Of A Bus Passenger In India

Six arrested in new India bus gang-rape case: police

Six arrested in new India bus gang-rape case

6 arrested in new rape of bus passenger in India

India police arrest 6 in new bus gang-rape

Woman allegedly gang-raped by seven men in Punjab; accused include bus driver, conductor

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