Yoga Rave: Sanskrit Melodies, Non-Alcoholic, Vegetarian Rave Parties in Buenos Aires

Last updated on Jun 3, 2012

Posted on Jun 3, 2012

Sanskrit Melodies in Buenos Aires

Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires has an interesting night club called Groove.

Instead of Rap, Salsa and Regga, the band there plays Sanskrit songs like ‘Jai Jai Radha Ramana Hari Bol’, ‘Jai Krishna Hare’, ‘Gurudeva Guru Om’, ‘Govinda Govinda’ and ‘Jai Shiva Shambo’.  No alcohol – only soft drinks; no meat – Only vegetarian, and no smoking.

The club even has a Yoga teacher teaching yoga to the guests, when they aren’t dancing to the Sanskrit songs.

“I had the most unusual night club experience last weekend when I was in Groove,” says R Viswanathan, India’s ambassador to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay

Despite the entire madness of grooving and partyin’, the band has its mind in the right place.

“Despite the loud music and wild dancing in the night club, both the singers and the audience maintained a sense of reverence to the Sanskrit mantras and the Indian gods.”

The entire party concept is called Yoga Rave!   The group has already taken their music to Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay and have performed in the Berlin World Cultural Festival.  The Lead singer Rodrigo Bustos, 29, and his band mate Nicolas Pucci, 32, have been inspired by Sri Sri Ravishankar’s Art of Living Foundation.

The Sanskrit chants are rendered in all forms of music genres including  pop, rock, hiphop, Reggaton and electronic music.

Interesting concept indeed.  Sad that such efforts are undertaken outside of India.

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