Zaid Hamid and the Hallucinating Pakistani minds

Zaid Hamid and the Hallucinating Pakistani minds

A commenter had mentioned this guy called Zaid Hamid. I have been listening to his discussions which follow a unique pattern that I have ONLY seen in the analysts of Pakistan: Delusionary, Inflammatory, Provocative and downright Hallucinating.

Here he talks of a few things that prove this point:

1. “We should reject Commonwealth and treat it with as much contempt as it treats us. After all we don’t need any of these bodies for our economic strength”. Hmmm.. that’s a lot of confidence from a guy whose country has just enough money that can probably (not certain) pay for next two weeks!!!

2. “We have China as our friend, we lead the Muslim world who will come to our rescue always and help us economically”. Again, I was kinda wondering who amongst these “friends” gave their Finance Minister and the President a “CHEQUE” when these two officials went to the so-called friends??? They finally got some chips in their begging bowl from IMF on very tough terms!! India offered to give some money, but I am not sure where it went?

3. He talks of Burma as the place over which the war would happen because of Oil. Nice theory, but here is an article from the Chinese Government mouthpiece “People’s Daily” where it explains that 6 countries are collborating in Myanmar’s oil and gas exploration: Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, Australia, India and Singapore. And has this to say about Russia and Indian collaboration in Myanmar:

This year was signified by the involvement for the first time of an oil company from Russia in cooperation with Myanmar and India to explore oil and natural gas at a block lying off the Mottama offshore area. Under a production sharing contract initiated in September by the JSC Zarubezhneft Itera Oil and Gas Company of Russia, the Sun Group of India and the state-run Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), the three companies will carry out the undertaking at block M-8 in the offshore area.

4. I find it very inrtiguing that this guy is advocating putting all the chips for security in China! Pakistan is a surrogate for China.. carrying out its strategy to fight India and also keeping the Islamists away from its own Muslim province where it butchers the Muslims anyways – Tibetan style! Now, interestingly in NO WAR – 1965, 1971 or even during Kargil, has China EVER helped Pakistan militarily or economically! When Pakistani forces were capitulating and Nawaz Sharif was shaking.. he ran to US!! China was NOWHERE TO BE SEEN! If I were a Pakistani analyst with even puny of a useless brain… I would have figured it out already. But it takes someone SO drunk on self-confidence when SO close to the brink only soothing hallucinations to keep alive his hope in life. For that, I will not fault this Hamid guy.

In the video he now spews venom against India – and again reiterates and repeats the same forlorn hope that I have heard the Pakistani analysts repeat since the 1980s – that India will collapse on its own because of the “so many separatist movements”.

Again, an interesting theory and something that many may start believing in, but the truth is that despite their BEST efforts, its Pakistan that may soon be broken into pieces as a new redrawn map from some US circles is to be believed.

A redrawn map of South Asia showing a truncated Pakistan, reduced to an elongated sliver of land, has sparked fear among military planners in Islamabad who think India and Afghanistan are “colluding” to destroy the only nuclear powered-Muslim nation with the US help, a media report said on Sunday.

Again, this guy’s bravado is appreciable but the real danger today is for Pakistan. So if he cares to look around in his own country, he will find that if what is going on in the country keep going on the way it is going, then very soon Pakistan will only be limited to Punjab province! Balochistan, Sindh, NWFP are already having their own thoughts, and FATA region is not too happy with the Pakistan forces and Government in any case.

And I have not even started talking of how Al Qaeda and Taliban are slowly but SURELY creeping on to Islamabad. So, what Pakistanis call “Pakistan” is a short term existence. I see a Taliban/AlQaeda ruled Pakistan (on the lines of Afghanistan) coming into existence by the same time NEXT YEAR. No later. And if the world thought Afghanistan under Taliban rule was bad (as the master mind of 9-11), wait till the world wakes one day to Taliban-ruled Pakistan!!

Mark my words – the Mumbai Attack will prove as the PENULTIMATE NAIL in the Coffin of Pakistan’s existence. The next and the last nail will be dug in the Capital of Islamabad by the Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters.

The passion he has against “Zionists” will of course, help him survive that time, but the cute girl who is questioning him will either be head to toe in Burkha or would have been shot by then (something like this).

I am not being sensationalist. It is a reality and many Pakistanis will surely say I am talking nonsense, but that is because they are fed such nonsense which has no relation to reality.. day in and day out!! Conspiracy theories are the staple in that country and their mainstream media is even worse than the UK tabloids!! If the common man was to wake up to the mess that such inane theories and nonsense of terrorism is creating then it might save them from a disaster that is just around the corner.

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