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Imperialism by Narratives – When Hindus have 'nothing to give up'

British poet, playwright, and writer, Samuel Johnson, once angrily retorted while discussing a girl who had converted from the Anglican Church to Quakerism “The heathens were easily converted, because they had nothing to give up; but we ought not, without very strong conviction indeed, to desert the religion in which

27 Jan 20 6 min read

Why Sachin Tendulkar was the Greatest Indian Batsman

As he walked out in the first innings of the final test against Australia in the 2003-04 series, Sachin Tendulkar had a stream of bad scores behind him – 0, 1, 37, 0 and 44. Ironically, his famous, almost legendary cover drive, had become his Achilles Heel. He had suddenly gotten

13 Jul 19 7 min read

How has Virat Kohli changed the Indian team?

It has just been two years, when India lost to Pakistan by 180 runs in the Champions Trophy finals at “The Oval” ground on June 18, 2017.  And two years hence, now, in the 2019 World Cup match, India beat Pakistan by 89 runs at Old Trafford on June 16,

19 Jun 19 3 min read

History of Rohingya Terror – Nothing Humanitarian About it!

As the White Supremacism rises in the US and cops killing the minority victims are constantly let go scott-free, the feeling of persecution enters the mindset of minorities, specially the Muslims and some of them take up arms against the “excesses of the Government”. Such that the violence by the

22 Sep 17 9 min read

The Deeper Fight between Human and Islamic Identities

Even before anyone had showed himself on the door, Bella – our lovely dog – started barking.  If that moment someone had asked her as to what she experiences in her vicinity, she would have named that friend of mine as well.  Had I been asked the same question, I couldn’t

30 Oct 16 4 min read
Achievement and Leadership

The Amazing Living Bridges of Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a state which has the highest amount of rainfall in the world.  Cherrapunji holds a world record of the highest recorded rainfall.  In such a place, rivers are aplenty.  And trees as well.  When the entire land is crisscrossed with rivers – how do you build so many strong

22 Dec 12 3 min read
Special Stories

Two-n-Half Hours @ Super Specialty Hospital

This is my first hand experience at one of the most reputed and famous Super Specialty Chain of Hospitals in Hyderabad. The story began when I called their OP for an appointment. Upon approaching the OP for an appointment, they refused stating that, the clients or patients are met on

22 Feb 11 3 min read

Ancient Hindu Science and the effect on the world – II

(continued from Ancient Hindu Science and the effect on the world – I [https://www.drishtikone.com/ancient-hindu-science-and-effect-world-i]) Vedantic philosophy or Hindu Scientific ways experienced and found millennia back and document many centuries ago, also became the basis of the greatest modern scientific discoveries. How Ancient Hindu science impacted greatest modern

21 Jun 10 9 min read
Special Stories

Ancient Hindu Science and the effect on the world – I

Upto 15% of the entire disease in mankind is related to mental illness, according to the WHO. The brain gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) (the brain’s primary inhibitory neurotransmitter) level of the brain is the major contributor to the mental disorders. Disorders like Depression and anxiety disorders are linked to lower GABA

21 Jun 10 20 min read

Activism of Indian Courts on Marriage and Religion

Marriage is a strange thing.  And the way the courts have been deciding recently in India, they seem to be doing a lot more activism than citizens of other countries may allow. Here are some of the interesting decisions that the Indian Courts and the Government have recently taken which

11 May 10 3 min read

How India got its Independence – The Real Story

Utpal Dutt, the actor who played comedian in one of most memorable role in Hindi Cinema in Golmaal, was arrested on December 27, 1965 by the Government of West Bengal under the Preventive Detention Act. The Government of Bengal and India feared he was “subversive”. Why? Because he wrote a

14 Oct 09 5 min read

Racial Genocides, Aryan Racism and the Aryan Invasion Theory

The development of the racialist theory of the superiority of the Aryan “master” race is often attributed to Joseph Arthur de Gobineau, a French aristocrat and novelist and “Father of modern Racial Demography”.  He did so in his book An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races (1853–1855)

11 Oct 09 8 min read

Creation is a Vibration

In 1687, Newton published Principia where he laid the foundations of Gravity, which explained how the planets stayed in their orbits and large bodies work. Five years later, a Cambridge philospher Richard Bentley asked him a very innocuous question that hit at the root of Newton’s discovery. Bentley wrote

14 Sep 09 6 min read

Krishna and Mahabharat: Historical reality

Dr Manish Pandit, a nuclear medicine physician from UK is making a movie on Krishna as a historic figure.  Pandit has based his movie on dates and timelines coming out of scientific based research by credible evidence based on Archeology, Astronomy and Linguistics, apart from Oral evidence from Indian tradition.

30 Aug 09 13 min read

The Betrayal of Tashkent in 1965

Lal Bahadur Shastri died under very unusual circumstances in Tashkent and the reason why he was there in the first place are nothing short of shocking!!  In the 1965 War against Pakistan, after India had won the Haji Pir and Tithwa – two important peaks, and made considerable gains, India went

13 Jul 09 11 min read

Shahrukh Khan’s Comment on Mohammad and Al Taqiyyah

Shahrukh Khan is in trouble. Because the Muslims believe that he said something insulting about the Prophet. He was asked by a magazine “According to you who is the most impressive figure in history?” He replied “There are lots of them, some negative ones like Hitler, Napoleon, Winston Churchill and

19 Jun 09 6 min read

Pseudo-Secularism and Teesta Setalvad's Cooking up Skills

59 Hindus were returning from a pilgrimage in Ayodhya when on February 27, 2002; their train bogies were set to fire.  Men – young and old, women, and children were burnt alive.  Teesta Setalvad a self-proclaimed Secularist told Washingon Post (published on February 28, 2002).  The people were returning from Ayodhya

27 Apr 09 6 min read

The Injustice of Secularism in India

For a long time now, I have repeatedly raised the question of 1984 Sikh Massacres and the complete silence from the Indian Pseudo-secular burgeosie. These same people jump on anything Hindu – from Muthalik to Varun Gandhi – to push the blame on them for all that goes wrong with Muslims; but

02 Apr 09 5 min read

Zaid Hamid and the Hallucinating Pakistani minds

A commenter [http://www.patheos.com/blogs/drishtikone/?q=blog/barkha-dutt-and-ndtv-terrorists-dream-come-true#comment-9253] had mentioned this guy called Zaid Hamid. I have been listening to his discussions which follow a unique pattern that I have ONLY seen in the analysts of Pakistan: Delusionary, Inflammatory, Provocative and downright Hallucinating. Here he talks

02 Dec 08 4 min read

Barkha Dutt and NDTV: A Terrorist’s DREAM COME TRUE

Note: According to latest understanding [https://www.drishtikone.com/blessing-traffic-jam-and-how-indian-media-helped-terrorists-planning-mumbai/] , intelligence based on media reports were fed to the terrorists by “field officers” so they stayed a step ahead of the Indian forces. Barkha Dutt and NDTV is a terrorist’s DREAM COME TRUE!! They must really love having Barkha

28 Nov 08 1 min read
Special Stories

Female Body mutilation practices and her Sexuality

A woman’s body has been a playground throughout the human history.  And still man cannot get enough and justifies everything in the name of some ideology – whether it is religious, cultural or modernity.  The effect is always the same – mutilation of body parts.  Here are some of the well

23 Nov 08 3 min read

India's fights and intolerance and the way forward

India is passing through a very tough time in terms of its national integrity. Indian Mujahideen – the indigenous Islamic group – has tried its best to wreck as much as it could with a very blatant attitude.  And they tried their best to hire the top techies – Yahoo software employee – to

07 Nov 08 4 min read

Why is Kashmir Important?

Kashmir is a major problem between India and Pakistan.  Most often the cloak on every issue and problem between states is sewn from the thread of emotions and “principles” for public consumption.  Actually, and in hard reality it is rarely so. At the expense of sounding non-chalant, let me state

29 Aug 08 5 min read

Victims of an imaginary virtue cannot be expected to be its Guardians!

The Indian Army, which should have ensured the safety and return of Pandits, was busy in un-necessary and fruitless tit-for-tats with these inhuman terrorists. Enough water has flown below the bridge, while the sensitivities of Kashmiri Muslims have been front page news, and actions, which have virtually hijacked the agenda

24 Aug 08 2 min read

Polyandrous family customs in India

Note: Given the extremely unfavorable sex ratios that one is seeing in India today – as families keep killing unborn daughters and girls, the day is not far when some believe that Polyandry will become pervasive in the society as a matter of norm and social compulsion!! A lot of cultures

23 Aug 08 3 min read

Narendra Modi for Prime Minister

Since 2002, when the Gujarat riots broke out, a lot of things have happened. Modi was a villain in my eyes as well at that time. But over the years, pragmatism and realism has taken over. I have had this firm realization now that words like Secularism and Communalism have

20 Aug 08 5 min read

Was Proto-Indo-European religion really the Vedic religion?

Budh in the Celtic languages is the name given to Mercury meaning wise [http://cura.free.fr/xv/11ellis1.html#Ref13]. Guess where have you heard that before? > Boudi and the stem budh appear in all the Celtic languages. It means – all victorious, gift of teaching, accomplished, exulted, virtue and

23 Jul 08 5 min read

Lies and falsehoods on Amarnath

This is from Wikipedia. If you have any other source and evidence that this is not correct, please let me know. But for me, it is not at all surprising that the Kashmiri separatist Muslims and their secular friends in India are creating use-less myths about Amarnath Shrine. It is

09 Jul 08 6 min read

Peace loving and violence: a dialogue of Kashmiris

“Stop talking of Kashmir, if you do not know what happens there!” burst out Khurshid.  He had been listening to the self gloating talk of four guys who had been praising how the Indian Government was handling the situation.  He had seen how his younger brother’s bullet ridden body

17 Jun 08 3 min read

Future of Pakistan and India

In an article written in July 2001, Kuldip Nayar describes how after the rout of Pakistan in the 1965 war – a war that was started by Bhutto as per Ayub Khan himself – Lal Bahadur Shastri did all he could to get peace with Pakistan.  Bhutto never wanted that to happen

23 May 08 5 min read

Samar and Radha: A Love Story.

She was doe-eyed and long-haired. As she walked down the aisle of the library, Samardeep looked up. His eyes melted into the beautiful tresses of Radha. She was not the most petite one, but her eyes were poetic and seemed to hold mysteries of yonder. He seemed to have suddenly

03 May 08 8 min read

How Indian Communists committed Acts of Treason against the Indian state and why they should be banned from any seat of power

I have already talked of the role of Traitors played by Indian Communists [https://www.drishtikone.com/indian-traitors-communists-look-other-way-while-china-kills-tibetans/] in the Indian history since independence. If you have to look for details – the declassified CIA documents that go into the relationships that the Indian communists developed with the Russians and Chinese

19 Mar 08 3 min read
Special Stories

Was Krishna's Gita a Rebellion of his times?

Lord Krishna has been known as the greatest Vedic philosopher of his time, probably of all times. Vedas [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vedas] – four as they are named in modern times – are said to be the scriptural authorities for the Hindus. They represent the eternal knowledge captured in words.

04 Mar 08 4 min read

Correlation between Women and a Country's Prosperity

One of my close friends – Vish – has written this based on an earlier post on drishtikone.  I think it is very informative and analyzes our poverty in context of our age old wisdom in the Vedas. ==================== Desh posted a story [http://www.patheos.com/blogs/drishtikone/?q=shame_on_us_

16 Aug 07 1 min read
Special Stories

Indian Rupee should go back to Rs 45/USD

by Dr. Sanjay Goel A poverty-stricken country has to manage inflation as a priority but growth can not be undermined. To keep the inflation low, the government has been raising the interest rates and lowering the exchage rates. Now, the demand is being forced downwards, and supply is being glutted

27 Jul 07 2 min read

Eternal Illusion and How Observer Creates His Own Reality

In October of 1927, Born, Dirac, Heisenberg, Pauli, and Bohr came together and expounded as well as accepted “an” interpretation of the new quantum world that was reeling in the aftermath of Schrodinger’s Wave Collapse experiments. They called it the Copenhagen Interpretation. With the collapse of the wave wherein

30 Nov 06 10 min read

Revolutionaries of One Era are Moderates of Another!

“Revolutionaries of one era are moderates of another” …… was how Bal Gangadhar Tilak assessed Dadabhai Naoroji’s opposition to his “Swaraj is my Birth-right!”.  Little realizing that one day he himself will “live” his own principle! July 30, 1920: Tilak Dies Aug 1, 1920: Gandhi launches Non Cooperation Movement Is

15 Nov 05 1 min read

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