History of Rohingya Terror – Nothing Humanitarian About it!

History of Rohingya Terror – Nothing Humanitarian About it!

As the White Supremacism rises in the US and cops killing the minority victims are constantly let go scott-free, the feeling of persecution enters the mindset of minorities, specially the Muslims and some of them take up arms against the “excesses of the Government”.

Such that the violence by the Islamic militant groups forces whites in many cities to flee.  And when the government tries to restore calm, there is a fight back which kills 200 Muslims and law enforcement people.  Angry at the violence from the government, a Muslim militant group uses small arms, guns and grenades to kill 100 police personnel.

US Government brings in the Army to quell the uprising.  And many more are killed.  Now UN comes in as says: “government has not moved quickly or decisively enough to remedy the deep, years-long policy failures that are leading some groups to take up violence”.

As a US citizen what you make of that UN Statement?  Valid, right?  As a liberal or as a nationalist, how do you interpret that statement AFTER a Muslim militant group kills the police officers by specifically targeting them?  “Poor militants”?  Is that how you evaluate it?

Well, let us look at the real world now.  If US or Americans won’t take such encroachment on their sovereignty when their law enforcement officers are attacked and killed by terrorists who work against the state and they people, why should the Government of Myanmar?

(Note: I just took an example of a community and a country, it could have been Native American in Canada or Hispanics in Italy)

This year in August, militants from a Rohingya insurgent group, Harakah al-Yaqin– also called Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) attacked 30 police posts and an army base in the north of Myanmar’s Rakhine state, in the townships of Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung!  And the final report of the Kofi Annan-led Advisory Commission said this about the whole issue:

Do you see the diabolical ways of how the Western powers can deal with terror within their boundaries and how the other nations are allowed to?  If a group of Muslims had attacked and killed 100 marines in New York City, would the response have been to assimilate these “disenchanted groups”?  Given the US history, how many violent and militant groups are assimilated in ANY Western country?  A crime is a crime and it needs to be punished!

History of Rohingyas

Even though the Rohingyas fancy themselves as descendents of Arabs – like most Islamists in the sub-continent, out of their own inferiority complex, do as well – they are ethnically Bengali.

See (Leider 2013) for the academic opinion on the historical usage of the term by several academics and authors. (Leider 2013: 215–216): Lewa in 2002 wrote that “the Rohingya Muslims are ethnically and religiously related to the Chittagonians of southern Bangladesh.”  Selth in 2003: “These are Bengali Muslims who live in Arakan State… Most Rohingyas arrived with the British colonialists in the 19th and 20 centuries.”  (Leider 2013: 216) citing Christina Fink: “small armed group of Muslims generally known as Rohingya”.

During the World War II, Ronhingyas led a movement to break Myanmar by aligning with British to get a Muslim dominated Islamic state.  With the British backing they attacked and fought against the Rakhine Buddhists.  The Myanmar Buddhists had aligned themselves with the Japanese to counter the British colonialism and gain freedom.

Let us understand, unlike the Indian Muslims, there were NOT the Muslims who wanted to live with the Buddhists as Burmese, but were against the Buddhists and wanted to break away from them.  Rightly so, when Myanmar got freedom, they were not given the full citizenship to the country.  After 1947, Burma’s freedom, started many decades long terror Jihad by the Rohingyas to secede from Myanmar and join East Pakistan (today’s Bangladesh).  Their main goal was to break the d Mayu peninsula in northern Rakhine State (Arakan) away from Burma.

This Jihad cooled down a bit in late 1950s and 1960s, only to re-emerge in 1970s with even more force!  This time the Burmese Government launched a massive operation to flush out the Jihadis from Burma in an operation called the Operation King Dragon.  During the rule of General Ne Win, Tatmadaw – the armed forces of Myanmar – launched Operation King Dragon (Operation Nagamin) February 6, 1978.  The Rohingyas who fled from Burma were housed in Bangladesh.

In 1982, Rohingya Solidarity Organisation (RSO) was started with the aim to fight the Myanmar Army.    The reign of terror of the RSO went on until the late 1990s, when it joined Arakan Rohingya Islamic Front  to create the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation (ARNO) [based out of London] and the Rohingya National Army (RNA) [based out of Southern Bangladesh].

What is important to understand is that throughout their history of at least the last century, the Rohingyas have not been interested in living with the Buddhists in Myanmar.  In fact, not only were they never Burmese to begin with, they have never wanted to be Burmese!  The only thing they have been interested in is – Take land from the Burmese Buddhists (which NEVER belonged to Rohingyas, as they were ethnic Bengalis) and Kill the Buddhists at every point, if they were denied this “entitlement” over Buddhist lands!

Now, imagine the Muslims coming and fighting the Texans saying it is their land and creating an Army if they are denied that land?!  That would surely be a “Human Rights” issue, ain’t it?!  Duh!

A society and land belongs to you if you belong to it.  If your ONLY interest in a place and society is to break it, pillage and kill, then you cannot be treated as a normal citizen!  There is no case for citizenship rights for people who do NOT want to citizens in the first place!  When the ONLY interest they have is of war against state and people, then they should be treated as none other than the terrorists that they are.

Latest Disturbances – Rohingya terror attacks

The latest situation started as a result of attacks by the Rohingyas on the Myanmar border posts on October 9, 2016.  The attacks and the fight went on for many days killing at least 13 soldiers.  These attacks were carried out by Harakah al-Yaqin (meaning Faith Movement) – a new Jihadi organization!

This was followed by a crackdown on the Rohingya Jihadis by Myanmar Army, which led to the crying hoarse by the so-called “Human Rights” activists who gleefully equate Islamic Jihadi terror with Human Rights!

Rohingyas in India – Illegal and Not Refugees

As the current Government of Narendra Modi has affirmed that the Rohingyas will be deported back to Myanmar, two Rohingyas – Mohammad Salimullah and Mohammad Shaqir – have challenged that decision.  Also, West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights has filed a writ petition in India’s Supreme Court against the deportation.  On September 18, the Indian Government filed an affidavit reinforcing their stand that Rohingyas – based on the inputs from the Intelligence Agencies – pose a serious security threat to India.

The lawyers fighting on behalf of the Rohingyas and against India’s national security should be noted.  They are: Fali S Nariman, Prashant Bhushan, Kapil Sibal, Ashwini Kumar (Law & Justice Minister in Manmohan Singh Govt) and Colin Gonsalves (founder of Human Rights Law Network).

An Al Qaeda operative has been arrested in Delhi near Vikas Marg on the tip-off from the Special Cell of the Delhi Police.  Shauman Haq was in India to set up a base in this country for the Rohingya Jihad.

“He came to India to set up base in Mizoram, Manipur and send people to Myanmar, basically espousing the cause of Rohingyas,” claimed P Kushwaha, DCP Special Cell. Earlier on Monday, the Supreme Court said that Rohingya Muslims were “illegal” immigrants in the country and posed “serious national security ramifications”. The affidavit submitted by the Union government in the Supreme Court said that the fundamental right to reside and settle in any part of the country was available to citizens only and illegal refugees cannot invoke the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court to enforce the right.
In particular, the Centre referred to “security agency inputs and other authentic material” and had highlighted indications of “links between some of the Rohingyas with Pakistan-based terror organisations and similar organisations operating in other countries “His interrogation is underway and further details are awaited,” added a senior police officer.

In 2014, Khalid Mohammad was arrested from Hyderabad who had a connection to the Burdwan blast.  He wass working with LeT to train Rohingyas in Myanmar for terror attacks.

Having been in India since November 2013, Khalid managed to get an Aadhaar card and was eligible to vote since he also managed to get an election identity card. A Rohingya Muslim from Myanmar, Khalid spent considerable time in Myanmar training batches of militants along with members of the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), before slipping into India last year.
His primary interrogation report, accessed by Hindustan Times, reveals a plethora of details on the spread of the terrorist networks that spans over four countries. Interrogation reports are not admissible in court as evidence and only serve as an aid to the investigation.
Indian intelligence officials from the National Investigation Agency, the Intelligence Bureau and R&AW are poring through the 16 GB of data that was recovered from Khalid’s house.

This Rohingya Muslim operative who had moved to India and Bangladesh after training terrorists in Myanmar revealed a large amount of information on how the entire operation worked and who was financing it all.  It is important to know the details behind the security threat that the Rohingyas pose to India.

The recovered thumb drive contains manuals in Urdu on manufacturing explosives, on using fire arms and also martial arts. This was part of an elaborate 15-day training programme for militants in camps on the Myanmar border.
“Khalid has told us that he helped train 40 militants in eight batches before moving to Bangladesh and subsequently India,” a senior central intelligence official told HT.
Khalid has also mentioned receiving large funds from Rohingyas based out of Karachi, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. “The money would be sent through hawala channels and would always be in Bangladeshi currency,” the intelligence official said. Khalid would stay in touch with his handlers using web-based communication tools like Viber, WeChat, Tango and Skype to avoid surveillance by Indian or Bangladeshi intelligence.

It is interesting that after covertly backing the Rohingyas for Jihad, Hafiz Saeed – the LeT Chief – is now openly calling Rohingyas to wage Jihad.

According to CNN-New 18, the video shows Lashkar e Toiba and Jamaat Ud dawah chief calling on the Rohingya to wage ‘holy war’ if they are threatened.  The video, if proven authentic, comes at a time when thousands of Rohingya Muslims are escaping to neighbouring Bangladesh to survive the alleged persecution by the Myanmar Army in Rakhine Province.

The connections and the backers of terror from the Rohingyas are now openly coming out and challenging the very sanity of those who continue to argue about the innocence of the Rohingya Illegal fugitives!

Secularists backers of Illegal Rohingyas Legitimizing Terror

Not only are the so-called Secularists – most of whom are political rivals of BJP – backing the Rohingyas by representing them in the Supreme Court battles against the inputs from the Intelligence Agencies, but they are also legitimizing their stay in India by issuing Fake IDs to them.

The West Bengal Government and its Civic bodies have not only issued Fake Pan Cards but also issued fake birth certificates to Rohingyas and washing off their illegality.  This is a clear way to induct Terror groups into India by the backdoor using the power of state by a local government!

The damning thing about obtaining such fake IDs issued by the State Governments is that such terrorist can go to any corner of India and create a sleeper cell and lay dormant until they can find the opportunity to attack at will!

A Rohingya man from Myanmar was arrested by the Rachakonda police here today on charges of forgery and cheating. The man — Mohd Ismail alias Esha (20) — holds UNHCR, Aadhaar, PAN and voter ID cards issued against his name.
Esha, who was illegally staying in the Pahadishareef area of the city and working as a casual labourer, had allegedly applied for a passport, claiming to be an Indian citizen, with a plan to fly to Dubai, the police said.
“During the inquiry, he (Esha) confessed that he was a native of Nayaphara village in the Ikyapu state of Myanmar, from where he fled and came to Bangladesh in 2014. He then boarded a bus to Kolkata and subsequently, reached Delhi with the help of an agent,” the Rachakonda Police Commissionerate said in a release.

One such Rohingya Muslim was caught in Hyderabad with fake documents!

Conclusion: Nothing Humanitarian in Rewarding Terror!

When you avowed goal in life is to destroy the other, then you cannot and should not be able to get away with sympathy when the other defends himself, however ruthlessly!

Given the over a century old fight to break Myanmar and a campaign of terror for so long against the Buddhists, and the now well documented terror links, Rohingyas are an unmitigated threat to Indian national security.  For so many decades, the Rohingyas have been fighting a battle of Jihadi terror fashioned on Islamic Supremacist ideology and unwilling to have any allegiance to the country they claim entitlement from – Myanmar.  Their only link to Myanmar is of perpetuating terror on those people.  And, they have been working with the Pakistani Jihadi groups to create terror cells in India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.  There is no reason why they should be justified or sympathized with.

The greatest weapon of the Jihadi terrorists is to use women, kids and poor as shields and as “Human Rights” currency!  Using that, they seek to justify every act of terror they do.  Every Jihadi group – from Hamas and Hezbollah to LeT to the Hurriyat to the Rohingyas – uses the visuals of “poor, weak and the suffering” to create a narrative for legitimizing their terrorism.  And, the so-called Human Rights, like suckers, fall for the rights of the terrorists to perpetuate terror conveniently ignoring the Right to Live of normal people!

Let us understand clearly – there is NOTHING Humanitarian about unleashing and rewarding of terror!  Period!

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