1400 year old Ghosts fought in 1965 war and beat the Indians: Zaid Hamid

I am sure many have seen and heard this die-hard Pakistani rabid analyst, Zaid Hamid.  He talks a lot of nonsense and rants out rabid threats against Jews, Americans, and specially choicest ones against Indian.

But, nothing would have prepared, even me – who had written a stinging article on him many years back (Zaid Hamid and the Hallucinating Pakistani minds) which was at one time ranked higher on Google search than any other Pakistani website post on him (got >160 comments) – for this video and his “otherworldly” stuff.

Here he discusses how the Indian soldiers just couldn’t handle the “men on horsebacks” from 1400 years back – who were part of Muhammad’s Army arguably – who had come back to “save Pakistan” against India.  Somehow, as per his version, those Horseback soldiers with swords proved decisive against the Indian Army – which had tanks and rockets to fight with.  Oh well. Enjoy the ride. Its tough to dig up jokers like him, even in this day and age of bizarre and weird.

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