Abduction, Forced Conversion-Marriage of Hindu Girls in Pakistan and Pathetic Liberals Mock everyone!

Abduction, Forced Conversion-Marriage of Hindu Girls in Pakistan and Pathetic Liberals Mock everyone!

Two sisters Reena and Raveena were abducted and converted and forcibly married even when they were minor.  It has become such a big issue amongst those Pakistanis who still have a conscience of a human being.  And, one of them is fighting hard on their behalf.  Her name is Veengas.  Here she lays out the case of their hapless situation.

Abduction, Forced Conversion and Marriage of Hindu Girls in #Pakistan and Pathetic Liberals Mock them and block all questions!  Click To Tweet

And she also shared the video of the spectacle where the two girls were produced and made to make statements under pressure.  Such a shameful situation. And their parents are in a complete mess.

The family was playing Holi when the two girls were kidnapped.

The girls’ family, from the Sindh town of Ghotki, says the sisters are 13 and 15 years old and were abducted and forced to convert and marry the men. The sisters’ elder brother, Shaman Daas, said they were taken as the family was celebrating the Hindu annual festival of Holi last Friday. (source)

The pain of their father is tough to even see.  His pain and his state just breaks one’s heart and diminishes the humanity on this planet.  Anyone who has ever had human emotions cannot handle his pain.

Inhuman Liberals lacking even basic human compassion

But humanity was never the forte of Indian liberals.  Check this guy out who calls himself an ad film-maker.  He is a known Hinduphobic bigot.   But in his bigotry when and how he went beyond Hinduphobia and entered the area which is decidedly not even within the realm of humanity probably even he did not realize.

Ad filmmaker. Elevating selling to an artform. I deal in passion, thoughts, words and films. Pinned tweet will tell you all about me. (a.k.a Voice Of Ram)

And this is what he wrote.  Make sure you watch the state of the father of the two girls before you read this.

Aditya Raj Kaul, the Indian journalist who has been in touch with the Pakistani journalists who are at the forefront of this battle in Pakistan, ultimately had to intervene.

If you have a kid, specifically a daughter, you will know what a father would go through when both his daughters have been abducted, converted and forcibly married off and he couldn’t do anything to save them.  His helplessness, his pain is unbearable if one had any humanity.

To feel the obvious pain of the father, one only needs to be human. Those girls who are raped, abused and pushed into prostitution – also “seem happy” to her customers! But we know what a woman can go through to just simply keep her sanity intact in such dire situations, don’t we? How do you explain that to someone who has lost every sense of being human in his bigotry?

But one guesses that the Indian liberals and generally those who call for so-called human rights are devoid of any humanity in general.

Malala and her aggression against calls for solidarity towards the girls

Just the other day, when an Indian tweeted a question to Malala on her thoughts on this whole situation, she not only did not reply, she instead blocked that person!  Malala, the girl who was shot by Islamic fanatics when she was a helpless young kid and now has a voice, blocked the guy who was trying to poke her on the fate of another two victims of the Islamic fanatics from her country!  But, it seems their being Hindu was something that made her re-evaluate their right basic humanity!

This you see is the real face of liberal people.  Hypocritical in their issues, heartless to pain and absolutely lacking humanity for those suffering!

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