Akhil Yadav assigns Dreaded Criminal to be incharge of UP Prisons!

Raja Bhaiya being sworn in

Raghuraj Pratap Singh alias Raja Bhaiya, faces eight criminal cases and has been charged under the POTA (Prevention of Terrorism Act).  Not just that, he has been associated with a multi-crore scam when he held the Food and Civil Supplies portfolio before.

But the audacity of his criminal activities is remarkable.  And yet, he has been the incharge of the Uttar Pradesh’s prison department and charge of food and civil supplies!  The implications can’t even be imagined!

Within 25 minutes of the Mulayam Singh Yadav’s government coming to power in 2003, all POTA charges against him were dropped. However, the Supreme Court debarred the state government from dismissing POTA charges
Eventually the repressive POTA act was repealed in 2004, and although the court again refused to release Raghuraj, the He subsequently became a powerful man in the government, and was accused by police officer R.S. Pandey (who led the raid on his house) of having launched a vendetta against him. Eventually R.S. Pandey was killed in a road accident,[7] which is currently being investigated by the CBI.
In 2005, he became the minister for Food and Civil Supplies, and despite his pending criminal cases, he came to be assigned the highest level of security (Z-category) provided by the state, though the threats against him were not specified.

The entire web of criminalization of the UP politics is just mind-boggling and crazy.  UP is the new Bihar, while Nitish Kumar attempts to change Bihar to Gujarat!

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