America has CHANGED!

President Barack Obama has won the US Presidency for the second time.  While some would argue about the campaigns and the “Ground games” and the ads brought out etc, my focus is on how the basic constituencies have changed for the country.

This election was won by Obama because of two factors: Hispanics and Blacks.  These two demographics voted overwhelmingly for him.  In some cases, more than in 2008.

And this is DESPITE the zoning and re-districting work that Republicans have done in so many states for their benefit.

We have to understand that this election was NOT about issues.  This election was about RACE.  The highly conservative Republicans were against Obama because of his skin color and they would say that in closed doors.  Winning against a hate campaign that was racist at many times.. sometimes unabashedly, this election result is the harbinger of things to come. [Read Political Opposition to Obama is really Over the Top Racism from Republicans!]

White is out.  Color, rather ColorS (including White and Black), is in.

As I said, US has changed.  Perhaps forever.

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