America’s weight problem: Anorexia amidst widespreasd Obesity!

On the one hand, America has an acute Obesity problem.  Very young kids are vulnerable and in desperate trouble.  But there are kids on the other side of the range as well – those suffering Anorexia.  These are kids who want to lose weight and not eat. This eating disorder can be just as dangerous because the victims are denying their bodies essential nutrients or in some cases any food at all, which will quickly cause their internal organs to begin shutting down.  Whether it is obesity or anorexia, it can be incredibly difficult to take back control. The problem seems to be more acute than most of us would think!  Here is an interesting in-depth look into the whole issue by Tom Ashbrook in OnPoint Radio!

“Anorexia can strike and kill as early as kindergarten.” The headline left us breathless.   Hype, we wondered? Then we started to call around and do the research.  That’s when it got a whole lot scarier. The numbers of young children requiring hospitalization keeps going up. Girls and boys. They refuse to eat. Exercise compulsively. Say they are “too fat.” This is extremely worrying and proves that eating disorders can occur at any age. Those who are suffering from anorexia must access treatment immediately, as it is extremely dangerous. There are many recovery options, including eating disorder day programs. Whichever recovery method you choose, it is vital you access professional help.
Everyone says our thin-obsessed culture sends the wrong message.  But few thought such young children would be so vulnerable.

The guests are:

Kaylin Ohler, now 24 years old, she was first diagnosed with anorexia in fourth grade. She works part-time on the eating disorders unit at Omaha Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Jennifer Hagman, program director of the Eating Disorders Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado.

Here is the whole program:

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