Arun Jaitley takes Rahul Gandhi to the cleaners

Arun Jaitley takes Rahul Gandhi to the cleaners

Rahul Gandhi and Congress want to do a Donald Trump in India using the Cambridge Analytica template.  There are a few problems though for them.  One, unlike US, India’s PM can be a lifelong vocation if one is good enough.  Trump could do what he did because he is there for one term, at most (if the entire US goes completely bonkers) a second term.  Narendra Modi and even Rahul Gandhi will be answerable to the Indian public throughout their lives and will fight for the top slot.  So, you can fool the public once (as they did in MP and Rajasthan with the farmer loan waiver) but you cannot keep doing it.  Once you fool the public, it remains in the minds of those poor who will never forget how they were crushed to the ground!

Second, the wisdom of Indian poor and rural masses is much more than that of the larger US rural populace.  They have shown that time and again.  Democracy, with its electronic voting and handling several hundred millions of votes in a day’s time, is much more vibrant and secure in India than in US, where you have to be a Christian to have any shot at the Presidency!

So, when Rahul Gandhi came up with his drama of the tape for which he did not have the spine to stand up for his words, he was taken to the cleaners by Arun Jaitley – who gave him the drubbing of his lifetime!

Here are someone of the things Mr Jaitley said during the day about the juvenile prince.  And the statement from the Finance Minister is also given below for you to enjoy.

“This man lies, and lies repeatedly,” he said. (when Rahul Gandhi failed to authenticate the tape and tried reading the “transcript” forcefully as his microphone was switched off) (source)

“Even if Rahul Gandhi were to be reborn 10 times, he and his family cannot match integrity standards of Narendra Modi” (TimesNow interview)

Offset was UPA policy, which means that Indian companies will get businesses of 50% of the final deal price. Reliance is an offset supplier, Rahul thinks he is Rafale manufacturer. Rafale deal is of Rs 58,000 crore, how can offset deal be Rs 1,30,000 crore. (source)

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