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At WION Global Summit, Sadhguru explains what drives human soul to resort to violence

Sadhguru is the most formidable teacher of our times.  He is a Guru who works on people at many levels.  And one thing you can be assured of – he will never give politically correct or benign answers.  He says things the way they are.  Human kind has always struggled with violence.  But why do we resort to violence?  That is an important question and Sadhguru gets to the root of the issue.

Sadhguru, founder of Isha Foundation, while speaking to the audience at WION’s Global Summit said that living for an identity makes one forget the significance of life at times.

What he says in this video is that if you are restricted to your identities, which are social constructs, then you will have conflict with others who have a different identity.  Or those who don’t like the way of your identity.

This identity limitations are what ultimately lead to ideologies, beliefs and finally wars.  When Sadhguru says it, he says in a way that is useful to one’s understanding