Beijing’s Pollution “Airpocalypse”: Before and After Space Pictures

There is a strong advisory in Beijing for Pollution that exceeds all dangerous levels.  People have been advised not to come out of their homes to do any activity.  The pollution is completely off the charts of all measurements!

According to an air monitoring station located at the U.S. Embassythere, particulate pollution was literally off the charts — with readings well into the 700s on a 0-500 scale.

Here are two pictures – one from Jan 3rd and second from Jan 14th – from Space of the same region.  It shows the pollution difference very clearly.  The change and the extent of it has been so dramatic, that it is being called the “airpocalypse”!

china jan 3
China jan 14

Source: NPR

Featured Image Credit: (Jason Lee/Reuters)

Beijing’s Pollution, Seen From Space In Before And After Photos

Beijing’s ‘Airpocalypse’ Spurs Pollution Controls, Public Pressure

Airpocalypse as pollution index goes from ‘crazy bad’ to ‘unhealthy’, then ‘beyond … – Irish Times

Beijing’s Pollution, Seen From Space In Before And After Photos

Environment Pollution – China, Capital City, Beijing

Beijing ‘Airpocalypse’ Sparks Spike in Air Quality App Downloads

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