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Bengali actor Rupanjana Mitra gets threats from TMC goons for joining BJP

12 actors from films and TV had joined BJP last week.  They included Rishi Kaushik, Kanchana Moitra, Rupanjana Mitra and Biswajit Ganguly.  Now it seems the TMC goons are issuing threats to these actors.  Actress Rupanjana has spoken out against them on her facebook page.

If this is happening to a popular Bengali actress, what will happen to normal BJP workers?

The actor said in a Facebook post that she was getting constant threats from TMC workers, and added that she had all the screenshots.She wrote: “Before leaving for USA..i must say i m getting constant threat from TMC workers..i hv all the screenshots. Stop this.” (Source: DNA India)

West Bengal unit head Dilip Ghosh said while these actors were joining BJP that the situation in the state is such, that it is not possible to even have BJP joining ceremonies within the state.  And, the threat on people joining the party is a lot.  It is risky in West Bengal to join BJP.  So he gave credit to their courage for doing that.