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Bengaluru Techies arrested for Chanting Modi Modi in front of Rahul Gandhi – Nehru’s Fascist Tradition Continues!

The Congress Party and the so-called liberals keep giving the impression that the civic liberties have been in jeopardy ever since the BJP came into power.  The fact is that it is the exact reverse.  Civic liberties under Congress rule have always been hit badly.  We had discussed how celebrated writers, artists and intellectuals like Majrooh Sultanpuri, Balraj Sahni, AK Hangal, and Utpal Dutt were jailed (There is no Freedom of Expression Under Modi – Let’s Examine!) because they dared to either say things about Nehru or his version of history.  Events like Naval Mutiny of 1946, which were banned from the history books could not be discussed, which Utpal Dutt found out.  When you likened Nehru to Hitler, he did exactly what Hitler would do – throw Majrooh Sultanpuri into the jail for 2 years!

Bengaluru Techies arrested for Chanting Modi Modi in front of Rahul Gandhi - Nehru's Fascist Tradition Continues! #FascistRahul Click To Tweet

Looks like things have not changed even one bit in states where Congress rules.  Today, in Bengaluru Rahul Gandhi was passing by, and some techies in that city chanted Modi, Modi. Perfectly valid in a democracy, right?  WRONG!!  Those techies were immediately arrested!

Despite the obvious fascist manner in which the protest was treated, not one person said a word in press.  The question is why?!

The main reason is that by being selectively silent, the media creates a Conspiracy of Precedence, where if there is no precedence in the press, then no such thing happened.  And in 2 years time, when one looks back – there will be no precedence of how Congress had been a fascist rule in Bengaluru.