Biden's Hyenas - a podcast

Biden's Hyenas - a podcast

For those who missed yesterday’s newsletter - please check this quick audio rendering of its main thrust.


The liberalism of today is a bloodthirsty and interventionist enterprise that takes a difficult society ruled by a dictator and turns it into a terror-ridden and violence infested den of death and destruction, where women are sold in markets to the highest bidder and children are used as advertisements for donations by vulturous moral busybodies.

All in the name of democracy and freedom of course.

Libya. Iraq, Syria - same story!

A set of people who can hardly manage their own democracy with any credible semblance of integrity or trust are the greatest imposers of that synthetic ideal on others as they ruin their societies and countries.

For all his faults, Trump did not start any war “just for the heck of it”, unlike Bush, Obama, Clinton etc. When the villains of all those failed wars come together, then you have to wonder at the sorry fate of the world’s poor and powerless who happen to be sitting on lands with resources. For Biden’s hyenas are coming! The US will get their resources, Islamists their heads, and someone with the highest bid, their women.

Please read it in full - Issue #206.

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