Body Parts: a poem


Piece me, piece me, piece me for the pot
Piece me, minced love me or love me not

Some like it raw others like it boiling hot
So put on the kettle, seize it now this lot
What where the spices, I think I forgot
Hasten with the salt before they can rot

Keep my little hands in your sweet lap
When I come back I will give you a tap
And take them back for knuckles to rap
These hands of mine resist, they do slap
They were yours, a gift, love flow you a tap
For a little while, wayward, foolish mishap

This is love in disguise it comes and departs
No technical war, no play, no martial arts
This is love in pieces, this is love for all hearts
It oozes from all of these mine cut body parts
The cuts are still deep, the feeling just smarts
It goes and it comes and I wince when it starts

Hasten your step, I will show you this mine way
Come, enter this fridge and take what you may
Take one piece or two, greed you’ll now display
I will not watch you though the rest of it I’ll sway
It wasn’t your doing this mine meat you didn’t slay
Heartened you might as well use it for it will decay

Piece me, piece me, piece me try to please me
Piece me, fleece me, you’d never amuse me
Piece me, piece me, piece me and tease me
Watch it I bleed you turn red if you squeeze me
Oozing a mass of flesh, blood and bone so slimy
Dark red on snow white, the look of it so grimy

When they come to you for minced love to send
Try as you may for your arms to close and fend
Off from you this vile dark foe it’s not a friend
More body parts he’ll come and ask you to blend
Someday he’ll come the prince who will mend
Or maybe it will just be the one who’ll pretend

He isn’t the one that you thought God had sent
For you and your poor aging heart that you spent
Tirelessly waiting no dark death did you resent
As clocks ticked slowly and time by you just went
Shaking your head you thought it was not meant
To be this way, while another piece you present

So many before you had come here and just stole
A small piece of hand, a mind, a heart, some soul
Earlier coming, you would have found me whole
But now, alas, a bone, a leg, a hand and a mole
But those you will take too and pile up some coal
This Barbecue is waiting grab you a lost dole

Piece me, piece me, piece me, try to appease me
The pieces I have cut, you cannot try to freeze me
Hark now you strayed, have been followed by HE
Whose name we shall not voice, leave it mystery
Slackening your pace you allowed him to get thee
To the source of my pieces he’ll come and cut free

Hunger it comes sharp but out suddenly it will flow
And gaunter the cheeks and much tighter the brow
Darkness arrives there comes its darker shadow
Waning little light fading out where is your glow?
These pieces of mine take them to tell and show
And then lay them down to be covered by the snow

Rejoice there is more left in where this came from
As soon as we see that to this feast you have come
Invoking the tribal meal, we’ll beat you some drum
A piece for joy, a piece for love, a piece for tedium
Take it all spiced or just salted with water or rum
Tasty morsels invoke music as you chew and hum

I watch you chew and eat a meal so nightmarish
Your features twisted they’ve turned all ghoulish
A cheek a shriveled heart, they taste like some fish
All morsels of choice nothing to throw, no rubbish
On you chew and chew with most tasteless relish
Chew and then pass around the remains of the dish

Piece me, piece me, piece me and much unease me
Some do it well up high, while others so carelessly
Leaving fragments of bone marred jutting ungainly
I watch the butcher, while he whistles the task gory
Ye butcher pound away piece me and deep freeze me
And when time comes, defreeze and release me.

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