Bouquet #10: Eclectic Mind Food (Corporate lingo, Blurbs, Managers, Loneliness, Parthenon Marbles)

Bouquet brings the world of Corporate buzzwords, what are Blurbs, Managers help employees, Impact of Loneliness, journey of the Parthenon Marbles

Bouquet #10: Eclectic Mind Food (Corporate lingo, Blurbs, Managers, Loneliness, Parthenon Marbles)
Photo by David Hofmann / Unsplash
Photo by Miti / Unsplash
“No choice but stand. Somehow up and stand. Somehow stand. That or groan. The groan so long on its way. No. No groan. Simply pain. Simply up. A time when try how. Try see. Try say. How first it lay. Then somehow knelt. Bit by bit. Then on from there. Bit by bit. Till up at last.” ― Samuel Beckett, Worstward Ho

1. Corporate Buzzwords

Some call it “corporate-speak inflation” and some call it “buzzword burnout.”  The words that seek to explain us are increasing and reshaping along the new reality of the world.  A quick refresher.

Is It Time to Quiet Quit Workplace Buzzwords?
Whether you like to stay on top of office-themed jargon or enjoy poking fun at our collective obsession with branding, this glossary will help you identify the “rage appliers” and “corporate villains” in your midst.

2. Blurbs and Books

So, you know when you're checking out a book and you see that little promotional text on the back cover? That's a blurb! It's usually written by either the author or the publisher and may quote praise from other sources. The main point of that blurb is to give you a quick idea of what the book is about and make you want to read it. You'll find blurbs on the back of printed books, but they can also be found online or in other promotional materials related to the book.

Beware of Book Blurbs - The Millions
Blurbs had been used in publishing long before they had a name. One of the earliest examples of a book blurb in the United States was penned by none…

3. Managers are the key!

The incidents and rates of burnout are rising despite somany well-beig programs started by the companies.  Unfortunately, they may not help.  Studies are saying that best way to improve an employee's wel being is to have good managers.

The Best Way to Boost Workers’ Mental Health Is to Give Them Good Managers
To improve workers’ health, research shows, companies need to support “transformational” leaders and weed out “destructive” actors, not just tout wellness programs

4. Loneliness - what is it?

Antarctica's Neumayer III polar station with temperatures below minus 50 degrees Celsius and the winds that can be more than 100 kilometers per hour became the ground zero of an interesting study - of loneliness.  The study in 2019 found that compared to a control group, the socially isolated team's brains got altered, specifically in the prefrontal cortex region.  

This is rather interesting because in India and specifically in the Eastern world, yogis and monks have over many millennia receded from the active world and spent time alone meditating and emerged with great super powers.  There is a complete disconnect between what humans per these studies are, and what per the Eastern traditions, can be.

(also read - Ministry of Loneliness - how to handle loneliness)

5. Story of the Parthenon Marbles

The temple of Athena, also known as the Parthenon, had architectural sculptures known as Parthenon Marbles.  Some of these are now at the British Museum in London.  How did they get there?  It is an interesting story.

The strange journey of the Parthenon Marbles to the British Museum | Aeon Videos
How the Parthenon Marbles came to be on display in the British Museum, thousands of miles from the temple they once adorned

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