Bouquet #14: Eclectic Mind Food (Collaborator Rulers, Camel Cloning, Indian Billionaires, Environment, Vagina-Vulva)

Today's eclectic mind food is different - Collaborator Rulers, Camel Cloning, Indian Billionaires, Environment, Vagina-Vulva

Bouquet #14: Eclectic Mind Food (Collaborator Rulers, Camel Cloning, Indian Billionaires, Environment, Vagina-Vulva)
Photo by pavan gupta / Unsplash
Photo by Daniel Pell / Unsplash
“Please try to remember that what they believe, as well as what they do and cause you to endure does not testify to your inferiority but to their inhumanity” ― James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time

1. Colonial Collaborators as "Founding Fathers"

The revolutionaries were sidelined by the Nehruvian branch within the Congress.  To bolster themselves, they joined hands with the British collaborators, whom they promoted in the new establishment and power structure.  For example, the Thapar clan which collaborated with the perpetrators of the Jallianwala Bagh.

Source: Why is Karan Thapar complaining? His dynasty holds a key to Lutyens’ Delhi / The Print

This conversation with Sanjeev Sanyal is an eye opener.  Worth watching.

2. Cloning Camels

Man has found a way to use animals as they want.  As if they are toys.  In UAE, where camels are part of their culture, the authorities there are cloning them.

Why camel cloning is big business in Dubai
Nisar Ahmad Wani carried out the world’s first successful camel cloning. Now, his team at the Reproductive Biotechnology Centre, in Dubai, clones camels for beauty pageants and racing.

3. Indian Billionaires

The lives of the Indian billionaires of this era is larger than life.  Decadence for some, living it up for others.  Fascinating nevertheless.

4. Saving ourselves!

Some remarkable work is happening in India.  The real successful efforts are where environmental friendly technologies are used to transform communities in a scalable manner.  This work in Sindhudurg district by BGP (Bhagirath Gramvikas Pratishthan), an NGO run by Ayurveda physician couple, Drs Prasad and Harshada Deodhar is amazing.  Read about it.

No Firewood, No LPG: How We Saved Our Village’s Forests & Became Carbon-Neutral
Thanks to interventions by NGO Bhagirath Gramvikas Pratishthan, Nivaje in Maharashtra is on the path to become the state’s first carbon neutral village through a number of sustainable measures, including biogas units, chemical-free farming, bamboo plantations, and more.

5. Vagina by another name?

What if the doctor you go to says he needs to treat your elbow but ends up treating your shoulder?  Well, that is the situation with society's understanding of female genitalia.

Doctors, like the rest of society, may lack understanding of the female genitalia. In medicine, unclear language can lead to serious consequences. Some anatomists and women's health doctors are concerned that the lack of standard terms for female genitals may contribute to poorer healthcare and miscommunication in medical research. This also makes it difficult for billions of women, trans men, and nonbinary people to care for their bodies. For example, the word vulva, an ancient term, now refers to the entire outer female genitals. However, it should be noted that it is a more extensive area, including the mons pubis, clitoris, inner and outer labia, and openings to the urethra and vagina.

Why Doctors Can’t Name Female Anatomy
A vulva by any other name … causes confusion and unnecessary suffering.

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