Bouquet #4: Eclectic Mind Food (Changing Life, Paths, New Literature, Love in Countries, ChatGPT)

Here are the five interesting stories on how to change your life, Paths that you take, Changing literature, Countries and Love and Impact of ChatGPT

Bouquet #4: Eclectic Mind Food (Changing Life, Paths, New Literature, Love in Countries, ChatGPT)
Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău / Unsplash
Beautiful gate
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“You can still die when the sun is shining.” ― James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

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1. Change your life - one small habit at a time

How do you bridge the gap between the person you are and the person you wish to be? You want to work out regularly, eat healthily, learn a language, work on your novel, read more, or do something interesting instead of wasting time.

Even when you get into discipline and use your willpower to make the changes, you can slip back into your old ways.  How how do you make changes in your life?  By changing the small things!  Here is an excellent video on how to change your life.

2. Paths and you

Paths are not a function of places.  They are often a function of the people who take them.  Just as people take a path, those paths become an indelible part of those people as well.  Here is a very intriguing short write up.

The Footpath to Yourself: Robert Macfarlane on Landscape as a Lens on Inner Life
“Paths run through people as surely as they run through places.”

3. Changing Literature landscape

Is literature becoming more minimalistic?  The urge to create an "ever greater simplification and aesthetic minimalism" - has probably robbed literature of its beauty and intricate nature.  New writers have been indoctrinated into believing that monotonous boring and minimalist writing is the thing to do.  Sure, Simplicity is hard to get in prose and poetry but is this the end of beauty that the intricate prose brought to the fore?

How to Write English Prose
On writing well.

4. Countries and Love

Some 100 international scientists conducted one of the largest studies.  It was published in Scientific Reports journal.  

Their topic of interest?

how country-level factors such as modernization, gender equality, and collectivism were correlated with levels of love

Participants in the U.S., Italy, Portugal, and Hungary reported some of the most loving relationships, while participants in China, Germany, Turkey, and Pakistan reported some of the least.

Americans are among the most loving, Chinese and Germans the least
A new study of global love finds that Americans have some of the most loving relationships, while Chinese and Germans have some of the least.

5. Words are no more yours

With the advent of ChatGPT (and AI in general), many professions and skills are in danger of being upstaged.  Teachers and the use of words - so humanities as a discipline - are under threat.

In one essay, high school teacher (and former professor) Daniel Herman declares that with the advent of ChatGPT, his life “and the lives of thousands of other teachers and professors, tutors and administrators is about to drastically change.” In another, Stephen Marche, also a former professor, offers a timeline for the coming apocalypse: “Two years for students to figure out the tech, three more years for professors to recognize that students are using the tech, and then five more years for university administrators to figure out what, if anything, to do about it.”

A very insightful and profound write up.

Words, Words, Words - The American Scholar
What does the advent of ChatGPT mean for already beleaguered teachers?

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