Bouquet #9: Eclectic Mind Food (End of Writing, Donkey meat, Introspection, Shadow Art, Sex and Addiction)

This week's bouquet shares how we may be witnessing the End of Writing, Donkey meat products, power of Introspection, Shadow and Art, and how Sex and love are Addictions

Bouquet #9: Eclectic Mind Food (End of Writing, Donkey meat, Introspection, Shadow Art, Sex and Addiction)
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“I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.” ― Oscar Wilde, The Happy Prince and Other Stories

1. End of Writing

If you have subscription to Notion, for example, is enabled with AI and can "help you compose" several different types of documents.  Here is ascreenshot.

Of course, ChatGPT has everyone in a tizzy.  Whereas the printing press, unleashed the human thought and took the words, writings and literature more widely, ChatGPT and AI writing seems to compete with and essentially eliminate human writing as we know it.  

The Three Judges Cases and the Collegium system
What are the “Three Judges Cases” and how are they relevant to the current Collegium system of judicial appointments in India?

Why should someone write innovatively if an application can do it within seconds?  Interestingly, we wrote an entire article via ChatGPT.

The End of Writing
Soon, you won’t need to write much anymore. Artificial Intelligence will do it for you. With all the free time we will have, we could try to rethink how we learn, work, and how we communicate.

2. Donkey meat Products on Amazon

The Artemisia Anti-Hemorrhage Formula dietary supplements being sold on Amazon say that they are “100 percent pure, natural herbs.”  But they include “gelatina nigra.”

Each year, millions of donkeys are killed and their skins are used to make a product called "gelatina nigra," which is found in Cindy's dietary supplement. This product, also known as "ejiao" or "donkey-hide gelatin," is used due to its purported health benefits. Unfortunately, this demand has caused a drastic decrease in the global donkey population, resulting in inhumane treatment of the animals. According to a 2019 report by the Donkey Sanctuary, a video was uncovered showing workers in Tanzania brutally killing donkeys with hammers to meet their slaughter quotas.

Amazon Has a Donkey Meat Problem
The online retailer sells products meant for human consumption that contain donkey meat. A new lawsuit claims that’s illegal in California.

3. Introspection Power

Introspection is a unique and valuable human attribute . By observing the external environment, we can gain insight into the outside world. But by delving into our internal selves, we are able to look at our own thoughts and emotions, thus allowing us to engage in self-reflection and self-exploration. Through this introspection, we can gain a better understanding of our own mental and emotional states, ultimately leading to greater self-awareness, which can be beneficial in a variety of domains, from personal growth to professional success.

Is it always helpful?

The Introspection Trap
The introspection trap shows that you could spend an infinite amount of time in introspection without emerging with any more insight than before you started.

4. The Shadow Play

Painters have long grappled with the challenges of accurately portraying shadows, from the ancient Roman paintings and mosaics that briefly and spectacularly showcased them, to the Renaissance era in which they only appeared in limited ways, and then only rarely in art outside of the traditional Western style. This has been an issue for centuries, and even today, many artists continue to face the complexity of conveying shadows in a realistic and convincing manner. While there have been some advances in the techniques used to capture shadows, the challenge remains daunting and has tested the skill and creativity of painters throughout history.

The Art of the Shadow: How Painters Have Gotten It Wrong for Centuries
The goal is not to expose the “slipups” of the masters but to understand the human brain.

5. Sex and Addiction

So when you get dumped, what's going on in your brain? Well, it turns out that your nucleus accumbens, the same brain region that gets activated when you're addicted to coke, cigs, or gambling, is lit up. In other words, love can be just like a drug addiction.

Our primordial drive for sex and love
Your brain on sex, love, and rejection with biological anthropologist Helen Fisher.

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