Can nothingness be experienced?

This is continuation to an old post I made some time back – “Calculus and Nirvana”. I also got inputs from Todd Ingram, who discussed about his many spiritual experiences and wisdom. Todd’s many words of wisdom resonated with me.

Absolute zero precludes existence.  Therefore, absolute zero cannot have an observer or be observed or experienced.  Any existence or observation would render such a prophesed state as anything but Absolute Zero.

Many mystics and scientists have talked of phenomenon in absolute terms.  But absolute has no definition nor a measurement – as both presume a comparison.  It is a curse of expression and of thought that it exists in comparisons only.  Anything that is NOT the primordial element of the creation (in existence on “its own”) will be a relational element.

A Relation has a flaw in that the degree of relationship is defined by the perception of the observer.  For example, Sun is neutral in that it gives its sunlight freely and does not choose the recipient.  But how one person gets the benefit because of his/her position, “creates” the difference!  The degree of one’s relationship is therefore not defined by the sun, but by the recipient!

Unless one is actually not there (doesn’t exist) and so “becomes” that absolute zero, one dwells in that one-ness existence.  And however one may keep assuming a superiority based on that “one-ness” – relative existence nevertheless – it is no difference that any other relationship.

That you are you can observe.  That you are not is not observable.  It is not a place “to be”.. nor a state that you can “achieve”.  That it “IS” at any “time” or “place” or “dimension” cannot be even evidenced.  The not is is just NOT.  There is no “IS” of that “Not is”.

People take that journey.. as many have.. but that someone ever reached there – is a useless discussion or thought to dwell upon.  Since the zero is zero, its existence can at best be a speculation.  It is like death to a living.. the unknown.

The highest state known or experienced and shared or unshared is still not that final point.  At that point one reaches a level of utmost height of infinite perception – but perception it is nevertheless.  One can describe it in semantics of experience or perception-less existence or whatever but words mean nothing.  That final state cannot even be an experience.  It just is “NOT”.  When there is nothing… and nothing is the infinite.. TRULY INFINITE.  Then!  And only that, is the state of “non-ness”.

The quackery of spirituality where people have taken people captive in the schools of enlightenment does not and cannot anyone help shed that final vestige of relational existence.  It has NEVER been “known” to have been shed.  For, one could know one has “it” but not when one actually disappeared into the vastness and nothingness of that Zero existence.

World of spirituality is as base and as egotistic as politics or corporate world.  The Enlightened and not so enlightened but wanna-bes have created a class system where people “buy” their way via eloquence and powers of “miracles” or esoteric verbal sorcery.  The distinctions, salutations, states, and ladders are created and instituted… only for the mankind to be subjugated.  Insignificant that our world of mankind is – we and our enlighteneds have an amazing penchant to make pronouncements of cosmic proportions!  Of course, there are 90% of religious beliefs that somehow equate the creation of civilized mankind with the beginning of creation itself!  As if we insignificant humans are somehow the stars of the cosmos.. closest to infinite proportions that we can see around us.

The naivette of our enlightenment is mind-boggling!!

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