You Cannot Oppose Trump’s Supremacism by Promoting Islamic Supremacism!

You Cannot Oppose Trump’s Supremacism by Promoting Islamic Supremacism!

Christian and Islamist supremacist ideologies are two sides of the same coin.  One wants us to swear by Jesus and the other by Mohammad and the ways of his Allah.  If you spite or reject any, you will officially burn in hell and in reality be fair game for killing.

Trump is riding the bandwagon of White Christian supremacy.  You cannot resent his ways by endorsing the Islamist supremacist ideology.  And, vice versa – you cannot be a critic of Islamist supremacist ideology and be a Trump supporter.

This is why you will find us bringing out the depravity of Trump’s ways and the genocidal ideologies of Islam.  Many have privately (and on social media) tried to question me on this without realizing their obvious lack of moral consistency.

Women March Taken Over by Islamist and Ideological Jehadis

The folly of being pro-Islamist to counter Trump was most on show during the Woman Marches.  They were in so overtly hijacked by Islamists and regressive Islamic customs – like wearing Hijab, which clearly is a burden on women to compensate for men’s inability to handle their libido and sexual perversions!

(Pictures courtesy: DailyMail)

Linda Sarsour is anti-Israel and against the Jews – watch this.  Her spectacular hypocrisy is clearly visible by the tweet she has pinned on her wall and her extremist and Jehadi views and inclination.  This is the tweet she has pinned.

And now, Linda’s REAL self.

Ayan Hirsa Ali is an outspoken critic of Islam.  Talking of disagreement leading to oppression – here is how Linda talked about Ayan Hirsa Ali – a victim of genital mutilation herself!

Sarsour on Ayan Hirsa Ali

Basically she was legitimizing torturing Ayan exactly how ISIS would.

Linda Sarsour, of the Arab American Association of New York, tweeted in 2011 that Ali and Brigitte Gabriel should be assaulted and that she wished she could remove their private parts because they “don’t deserve to be women.”
Ali, a victim of genital mutilation while living in Somalia, blasted Sarsour as a “fake feminist” who is not interested in universal human rights.

All this for having opinions that are opposing to what Linda holds dear as her own beliefs – however supremacist they be.  Linda is no better than an ISIS Jehadi in a woman’s body!

Ayan rightly asks some important questions in this interview showing the hollow and hypocritical feminism and love for women the world over.

She suggested that instead of protesting in Washington, Sarsour should have organized a march for Yazidi women kidnapped by ISIS, “mass rape” incidents in Europe, or Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman sentenced to death for “blasphemy.”

Linda has consistently followed the line which is inherently Jehadi in nature and import.  Let us look at her abuse of the award-winning movie Honor Diaries by spearheading the #DishonorDiaries Twitter campaign.  This is a movie which shares struggles of Muslim and non-Muslim women activists in their fight against Honor killings and Female genital mutilation!

Honor killing and Linda
Honor killing and Linda

Sharia Law Advocacy in US and Its Reality

One needs to understand that there are FOUR main schools of Sharia law in Sunni Islam.  And they are: Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i and Hanbali.  The Shiite school is Ja’fari.

There are the four main sources of Sharia.

  • Qur’an (Islamic sacred book): The sacred book of Muslim community containing direct quotes from Allah as allegedly dictated by Gabriel to Mohammad.
  • Hadith (narrative): The collections of Islamic traditions including sayings and deeds of Muhammad as heard by his contemporaries, first, second, and third hand.
  • Al-Qiyas (analogy or comparison): The legal decision drawn by Islamic Jurists based on precedent cases.
  • Ijma’ (consensus): The interpretations of Islamic laws handed down by the consensus of reputed Muslim scholars in a certain country

Whereas, they may differ with regards to use of Hadiths or Fatwas or qiyas – they are consistent about the primacy of Q’uran as the basis of Muslim law.

The US states and the courts have rejected Sharia as the law for any of its citizens time and again.

Some countries like UK have made space for Sharia for Muslims.  The United Kingdom  government allowed Sharia Tribunals in 2008 to govern the Muslims on issues of marriage, divorce, and inheritance.  These decisions were to be legally binding decisions if both parties agreed.

The primacy of Sharia and the edicts of Quran – however regressive they may seem now – are critical to Muslims for their living.

When Allah’ and His Messenger have decreed a matter, it is not for any believing man or believing woman to have a choice in their affair. And whosoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger has gone astray into clear error. (Surah Al-Ahzaab, 33:36)

While it may be fine for Muslims to be governed by rules laid down in 6th century, adding these rules to the overall tapestry of a sovereign nation creates a dichotomy between citizens.  Sad thing is that Sharia and Quran are not just internal or inward looking.  These two also set rules and laws for how Muslims have to interact, live, respond to the wider society and Non-Muslims.

The societies where Sharia have been implemented as a matter of general law, the state of women is pathetic.  Here is a rather testy exchange between the anchor of Al-Arabiya TV and Ghada Jamshir, a Bahraini woman.

Meanwhile, Linda Sarsour has been an advocate of this very Sharia law.  And she has linked it to the right to religious freedom for the Muslims.  Watch this video.

Given that Quran’s damning edicts have been obfuscated by the Muslims in order to sanitize it, one may not be surprised if someone like Linda Sarsour discusses Sharia in rather innocuous terms – which is no more than deception.  Let us go through the entire set of deceptive tweets.

There are very few free women and open minded people who have lived under the Sharia who have come out and explained what Sharia really means and how is it to live in such a regime.  After the discussion by Ghada Jamshir, here is Wafa Sultan on what is Sharia.

Beyond the Field of Right and Left Doing

The Right wingers of the US are now drifting to White Christian Supremacism and those on the left are rushing into the hands of Islamists.  Both are birds of the same feather.  While one wants a Christian rule the world over, the other wants everyone to bow down to Islam.

It is same evil.  Just with different names.  Both want dominance and are willing to subjugate others through guile and deception at any cost.

Trump is bad for America and the world because he will destroy equality, justice and fairness.  That is because he is an egotistical psychopath who loves to abuse women and the weak.  He has been buoyed by the platform of the White Christian Supremacists.  And that makes it even more dangerous!

That is what needs to be opposed about Trump.  But you cannot go and endorse another evil – that of Islamism and hope that you will be ok.  It won’t work!  How can anyone in his/her right senses be open minded about a decidedly genocidal ideology like Islam and be opposed to another genocidal force of White Christian supremacy?

This is hypocrisy at its worst!

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