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Case of 2 Air India Cabin Crews’ arrest for Facebook posts comes to light

The country heard with amazement and consternation about the fate of the two girls who had posted comments on Facebook about Bal Thackeray and were arrested.  Here is a new case that has come to light of two employees of Air India – cabin crew – who “copied and posted” something on Facebook for which they were arrested and then suspended from their jobs.  The culprit?  The controversial 66(A) and 67 sections of the Information Technology Act

Air India cabin crew members Mayank Mohan Sharma and KVJ Rao were arrested by the cyber crime cell of the Mumbai police in May this year for material they put up on Facebook.  The two are alleged to have shared lewd jokes about politicians, made derogatory comments against the Prime Minister and insulted the national flag in their posts.

So, all those who are riling against one politician or the other, must understand that it is the current Government and their draconian IT Act, which is the real dracula in the room that no one wants to face!